MWC MVP Award Created: Winner Jerry Bazata

Jerry BazataThe Maine Wedding Company values wedding professionals who serve above and beyond for their fellow wedding vendors.

We created The Maine Wedding Company’s Maine Valued Professional (The MWC MVP), a spirit award, to honor great folks doing good deeds. The first MWC MVP is Jerry Bazata of DJ Jaz Entertainment for helping fellow DJ and long-time friend, MWC member Mike Mahoney of M&M Entertainment.

Both were also awarded an annual membership with The MWC.  Congratulations guys!

This is their compelling story:

When MWC member Mike Mahoney, a local DJ in Portland, Maine, was taken to the hospital for a serious illness during the 2012 wedding season, he worried how to handle his remaining weddings while trying to recover.

Mike made a frantic call from his hospital bed.

Luckily for him, long-time friend and fellow DJ, Jerry Bazata of DJ Jaz Entertainment, came to the rescue. Jerry knew immediately what needed to be done.

Mike worked hard for his local wedding community. He was an original founder of the Maine Disc Jockey Network, a group of select professionals who were sole proprietors that shared the same values, work ethic and professionalism.

Jerry knew that Mike’s DJ friends would want to help but wasn’t positive they would actually be able to help.  After all, it was the height of wedding season and most of the DJs would already be booked for their own wedding events.

Jerry referred Mike’s remaining wedding dates back and forth until each was covered by another professional DJ. Within several hours of first learning that Mike was in the hospital, Jerry had things under control for his friend.

“As you can guess, there was a high level of tension; not knowing how the brides would react,” said Bazata. Jerry told brides that they were in good hands and would be matched with a DJ that would meet the same expectations they had for Mike Mahoney.

Jerry and Mike were relieved.

All of the brides who Jerry connected with were completely understanding of the situation and thanked him for insuring that their wedding day would be as they expected.  As part of the conversation,  Jerry also introduced them to the DJ that would be working on behalf of Mahoney.

The DJs who were assigned to each of Mike’s weddings took extra time and effort to review each step of the process with the bride, met with the couple prior to the event and delivered a commanding performance on behalf of Mike.

The coordination and hand-off of each wedding to the new DJ assigned was seamless. Words of praise, encouragement and thankfulness came from the other vendors and those involved in the wedding who knew what was happening. One bride and groom even signed a get-well card that was delivered to Mike in the hospital.

Mike took the time he needed to recover and get his business back on track. The MWC is happy to report Mike is back to work and doing very well.

Jerry Bazata is a contributing writer to PMDJ:

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  • Jerry Bazata (Maine’s DJ Jaz) has over 25 years of experience as a professional DJ entertainer. His firm, J & J Marketing and Entertainment, is a leading consultant to the event planning and music industries. Jerry is a published author and is recognized nationally as an authority on the disc jockey business. He is also Senior Vice President of a global financial institution. To learn about Jerry’s DJ company, visit and you can email him at

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