Pro Mobile DJ Acquired By It’s Editor, Chase Jewell!

Hello Pro Mobile DJ Fans!!!


This is your Chairman Emeritus and Editor Chase!  I am pleased to announce that I have completed an agreement to purchase Pro Mobile DJ from the National Association of Mobile Entertainers.  We are happy to continue this amazing site that, from its inception, has been a pillar of education and knowledge for the Mobile DJ Community.  We are so thankful to Carol Keslar and the team at the National Association of Mobile Entertainers for their efforts to continue the site and giving me the opportunity to carry it on for years to come.

We are looking for both writers and advertisers!  If you are interested in writing for us please send a sample article to  that will help mobile DJs around the world.

I am so happy to be bringing this news to everyone!  This is an amazing step for the future of this publication!  I look forward to bringing great information to everyone who follows us!  We will continue our partnership with the National Association of Mobile Entertainers.  Their partnership will bring great things for Mobile DJs everywhere!

As the late, Great Stan Lee said, “And now, until we meet again, may the blessings of Asgard be showered upon you!”



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    Chase Jewell has been in the DJ world for 15 years, starting in clubs and bars then moving on to mobile events.

    From the beginning, he’s always had a fascination with pro-audio and lighting gear.

    Starting when he was a child at his church, Chase learned audio mixing and lighting skills. He’s been studying sound and lighting ever since then – learning the ins and outs of every new piece of equipment that could possibly make his performance better.

    His mobile DJ company, Jewell DJ Solutions, serves all of Indiana and some of Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois.

    Chase can be reached c/o His website is: You can get social with him on Facebook or Twitter.

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