Software Review: Jammtext by Mixcity for the Mobile DJ

By Chase Jewell – Sound & Lighting Tutor

For the past few months, I’ve been doing a test run of the DJ software Jammtext from Mixcity, which is an interactive video text to screen/slideshow program with social media integration. I wanted to get an objective, fresh look at it for myself. There are so many options for flexibility for this program! In this article, I explain the different options and many benefits of this software platform. I also review the main applications of Jammtext for the mobile DJ, which include using it for weddings, corporate events, and proms/school dances.

Jammtext Features, Pricing, and Packages

Jammtext offers two main packages: the base package allows you to use the software for a monthly fee ($19.99/month) with their Jammtext branding through custom ads built into the software. For a higher price ($49.99/month), the pro package allows you to create custom branding for your business. Both the base and pro packages are available for a 30-day free trial. (A third corporate package is also available, but you’ll need to contact Jammtext for pricing.)

The two biggest differences between the base and pro packages are the amount of text/SMS and social media messages you can receive and the branding of the software visible to your clients. You can integrate the software with Twitter and Instagram to allow it to display messages via #hashtags that you decide before the event. Also, you do not need a separate phone plan to use it. You choose a number, and while the event is open, your clients and their guests can text, tweet, and Instagram to the screen. You can set default approvals for the event or do manual approvals. Approvals can be done through your machine or remotely from another computer. It also gives you the ability to reply to all the messages from an event as well as send direct replies to messages! This will take requests to a whole new level.

Additionally, there are three modes for the video output: Video Detection for video jockeys, Banner mode, and Full Screen mode. Video Detection gives you the ability to use both video and Jammtext together.

Jammtext for Weddings

There are many benefits for using Jammtext for weddings. I offer it as an interactive slideshow option for the bride and groom’s special day. Before the event, you can get photos from the bride and groom and set up the slideshow for them. During the event, guests can text, tweet, and post Instagram messages and photos to the screen. At the end of the night I download the photos to a flash drive and give it to the bride and groom for an instant gratification benefit for their event! Also, if you have a photobooth that can post to social media, using the same hashtag, photobooth photos will show up in the slide show as well!

Jammtext for Corporate Events

The benefits for corporate events are much like those for weddings, but it also gives your client the option to brand it to their company as well as advertise for the event sponsors and the client’s customers!

Jammtext for Proms and School Dances

The benefits for proms and school dances are amazing! The approval process for messages gives the school administration peace of mind knowing that no inappropriate content will display on the screen and all content must be approved before display. The students love being able to see themselves on the screen. When they take pictures of the screen, their message shows up with your branding, which gives you free advertising when they post using your custom hashtag. Most school dance events have outside sponsors for the event. You can set up custom advertisements for the sponsors of the dance, which in turn will give the dance a bigger budget by bringing in more potential sponsors; this mean your school clients can afford bigger packages!

There are so many benefits from using this software, I am personally a believer in it.  I have been using it for the past three months and will definitely continue to use it. Mixcity offers a 30-day free trial of Jammtext so you can try it for yourself and see if the benefits work for you.

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