Song Selection for Teens

By Shayn Satten, “Teen Entertainment Specialist”

With so much music to choose from, and so many versions and remixes of songs, how do we choose what song/version/remix to play at a teen party?

Just like adults, some teens prefer the original radio versions, while others prefer cool remixes with added beats and bass.

I did some research on the subject and discovered some fascinating information that has had a dramatic impact on what I choose to play at individual events.

The Hormonal Reaction

There was a study done on ailments known as “Bieber Fever” and the “One Direction Infection” stating that these artists actually create a hormonal reaction in the girls who listen to their music.

From a psychological stand point, girls find attraction to the artists as a substitute for a relationship.  Having a person who is constantly on your TV, in the car singing to you, and always there when you are feeling down, creates a connection that releases the same internal chemicals as a romantic relationship.  Then, with the combination of the catchy lyrics, and high speed beats, the body releases adrenaline and endorphins that stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain.

As a DJ dealing with the “Bieber Fever” and “One Direction Infection” afflicted (and other artists like them), girls especially become very loyal and connected with the original versions of these artists songs.  These types of guests are easily recognizable once an event starts.  Picture film footage of “Beatlemania.”

When you have multiple requests for many different songs off the same album, this means you want to keep it original so the guests get the reaction they expect from each song.

Alternatives to Originals

However, the alternative to the originals would be remixes, which I know many of we DJs are fond of using at events.  We all know too well what it’s like when we look through our music libraries and see a hundred different remixes of the same song, and try to determine which one will fit the party best.

Sometimes I get requests for a faster version of a popular song or even a remix. They usually go over successfully.  In fact, when you encounter guests who are requesting heavy bass songs, or music with fast beats, you can be assured that the rest of your playlist for the event should continue to contain that same unique energy that sets the music apart radio station airplay.

These types of events are great for us because they allow us to show clients the big difference between hiring a professional DJ Entertainer for their event, and hooking up an iPod or radio into some speakers.

Choose Your Songs Thoughtfully

There is so much fun and excitement in our line of work.  Having the ability to make an event unique is not an opportunity that others in the entertainment industry often get.  We are able to constantly reinvent ourselves and change thanks to the music we play.  So, when you are picking your next song, don’t underestimate the drastic effect it will have on the outcome of your party, and the happiness of your guests!


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