The Ultimate DJ Cam Has Arrived

Review by Stacy Zemon

Want to up the “WOW” factor on your vLogs? Then just imagine this…

You’ve got a wearable video camera looped onto your ear like a bluetooth headset. It weighs less than an ounce, has HVGA video resolution, 4 GB of on-board storage (4 hrs. record time), and auto light correction.

Your event gets going and you press the “on” button then – that’s it.

When to Use It

When you turn on Looxcie, a “Video On” light on the front of the camcorder illuminates red, so it’s obvious that you’re videoing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t encourage people to “perform” for the camera.

Here are some opportunities to use Looxcie at your mobile DJ gigs:

1. Shoot your crew setting up and then turn it into a time lapse video later on.

2. Get footage of the guests dancing from behind the DJ booth.

3. Grab some live-action shots from on the dance floor while you’re interacting with the crowd.

4. Rotate your head 180 degrees to showcase your uplighting at a venue.

5. Interview your clients for a testimonial at the event of a successful event.

How to Use It

The Looxcie is always on, continuously videoing. Just use your smartphone as the Looxcie viewfinder to make sure that Looxcie is pointing where you want. Then, when you experience something you want to share, just click the “Instant Clip” button to save a clip of the last thirty seconds.

Just Set It and Forget It

Before an event, you can set up Auto-Share recipients using the Looxcie App on your smartphone. Then you can share your experiences on the fly with the press of a button – Looxcie automatically sends a thirty-second video clip to your recipients in real time. You can stay in the action with Looxcie.

Social Media and vLogs

Now you’re all set to instantly email clips or post them to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or save them to edit and add to your video blog after the event. You can edit clips of any length by choosing a start and end point – and it’s simple to search through all recorded video to find footage you want to share. Connect the device to any computer’s USB port to transfer videos for editing, sharing, and archiving. And because Looxcie clips are encoded in MP4 format, there’s no conversion of video required.

It’s Got The Right Stuff

Looxcie comes with three sizes of hypoallergenic earbuds, and can be worn on your right or left ear. The supple earbuds are optimized for comfort and stability, and the earloop is made out of bendable material.

You can twist the camcorder boom with easy roll adjustment to keep the landscape level as you video.

More Than a Wearable Camcorder

Looxcie is more than a wearable camcorder – it’s a complete Bluetooth headset with digital signal processing.

Looxcie cancels ambient noise so people can hear you clearly, no matter where you are. It optimizes sound for video while you’re videoing and for calls while you’re on a call.

When you’re videoing at a gig and take a call, Looxcie automatically mutes the audio on the video capture. Calls stay private and video uninterrupted. I don’t recommend doing this however, unless you’re the MC and it’s your DJ calling to say he’s stuck in traffic.

In audio-only mode, Looxcie gives you up to 10 hours of talk time, the longest talk time of any Bluetooth headset on the market.

My Audacious Prediction

Digital technology has the power to make everyone a news reporter. We’ve already seen the growing power of cell-phone video as a news tool, not only to supplement stories but to change them. With the invention and distribution of a continuous videoing product like Looxcie (and other to come come), I predict that content from “citizen videographers” will become the dominant source of news on the planet.

I can’t pick one up soon enough!

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Get your Looxcie now for $199.

To watch a review on, click here (Skip the first 2:00 mins. — trust me!)

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