Podcast Equipment For DJs

People come up to me and ask about various setups…so I decided to share with all you Podcast enthusiasts out there.  Here is a versatile yet portable setup that I recommend, and yes… travel friendly.

For starters…not everyone is interested in shelling out $1000 for an Apollo audio interface, so here is a budget friendly solution.  You cannot go wrong with a Focusrite Scarlett 212 audio interface ($170 US) this 2-channel device enables an artist to connect microphones, musical instruments, DJ Lines, etc. into a computer via USB on either Mac or PC.  This travel friendly device has an air mode, which allows for brighter tones.  And when paired up with a Cloudlifter CL-1 ($150 US), Mic Activator, you open the possibility to increase +25dB of gain, as it eliminates the hiss and crackles when pushed.  This allows the mic preamp to work more efficiently.

I also recommend connecting a 5’ XLR cable between the CL-1 and 2i2, and another 15’ XLR from the scarlett to the microphone of your choice.  Choose an XLR cable with a lifetime warranty (Mogami Gold, Livewire Elite, Hosa Edge series, etc.), this way, you can get an immediate replacement from your music shop without any hesitation. As for mic of choice, I recommend the Shure sm7b mic ($399 US), cardioid dynamic style, which has been used in recordings such as Michael Jackson’s vocals, broadcasting and many popular Podcast shows.  The sm7b promotes smooth warm vocals, which creates a more engaged listening experience.  Oftentimes, I connect the mic using a Rode PSA1 desk mount, and for other projects, I may connect using an Ultimate PRO-R-T-T telescoping boom stand ($80 US); The Hercules MS401B Transformer tilt ($80 US), is a nice option as well.  Yet either mic stand is fully collapsible, which serves its purpose as part of a travel friendly podcast kit.


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