The Value of Intelligent Lighting and Lightscaping

by Steve Cie

With the advent of L.E.D. technological advances, Uplighting or Lightscaping, has taken center stage for event planners.

Armed with the ability to illuminate venues with exciting, brilliant color with extremely low power consuming lighting fixtures, even the most luxurious venues can have their appearance significantly enhanced.

Lightscaping Defined

Lightscaping is using lighting to highlight the architectural features of a venue. In the case of a facility lacking any meaningful architectural appointments, projecting color “wash” lighting can also produce a significant improvement in the image of the venue.

L.E.D. technology affords us the opportunity to utilize over a million different color variations in Lightscaping via Intelligent Lighting.

Intelligent DMX Control permits us to vary the intensity of the lighting, as well. Event theme colors, such as the color of gowns, decorations, or venue appointments, can be augmented, matched, or contrasted using Intelligent Lightscaping.

Besides the ability to produce seemingly endless color variations, this L.E.D. technology uses minimal energy, thus allowing the use of many more lighting fixtures in a venue as compared to traditional incandescent lighting.

Atmospheric Enhancement

Intelligent Lightscaping enhances the atmosphere at an event, producing a warm, inviting experience for the attendees.

Incorporating Intelligent Lighting on your dance floor area can change the entire demeanor of an event, by packing the dance floor, and providing an exquisite entertainment experience for your guests.

Intelligent Lighting can quickly change from soft warm color mood lighting, to high energy club-style lighting, all at the control of a portable computerized operating panel.

Personalized monograms can be projected on the walls, floor, or ceiling of your venue, adding an individualized personal touch to your event.

Is it smart to include Intelligent Lighting? The answer undoubtedly is yes. In fact, it is simply BRILLIANT!


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