To Apple or to Not Apple. That is the question!

By Robert Spera:

Chronologically speaking I find myself rather lucky to grow up when I did. I was born after the Atari but before the Nintendo, after the Commodore but before Windows 3.1. I attribute my “Geek” status to this statistic because as I was growing up, so was Technology.

Today is no different. Moore’s Law roughly states that computing power will double every two years. This is a 1965 prediction held true to this day and is projected to remain constant until at least 2018.

The DJ industry is becoming more and more affected by this fantastic phenomenon. Giving us the power to store our Musical Library in a space no bigger than the size of a hardback book. (What’s a book?) This technology has even given us the ability to entertain from our mobile devices. Be it a Sony Walkman then the Discman to now the iPod. Our tools to entertain are constantly on the rise.

All Things Digital

Today the words “Mobile Device” refer solely to Cellular Phones. Somehow the portable digital media player just didn’t make the cut. But what we really have now is a computer in the palm of our hands. Computer means access to that no bigger than a book music library. Digital library means Digital DJ!

I longed for a remote control that can play my music without me having to be behind the console itself. I wanted to be out in front of my audience, which is where the real control of your crowd comes from. I tried all kinds of remotes but it wasn’t until I got my first “Mobile Device” that I felt that the time has come! I am currently an Android user and after 2 weeks of constantly dedicated research, I found what I was looking for – Midi control over a wireless network.

I can now manipulate the music I have in deck one or in deck two. I can change volumes, EQ and crossfade but I don’t have any feedback from the computer and I can ONLY manipulate the music currently in the decks. The idea behind this amazing remote was that I could be on the dance floor talking to my audience “are you ready for this” then BOOM, I press the button and the music starts.

A Beautiful App

During my 2 weeks of intensive research, I kept coming back to the VDJ App made for the i-OS. This thing is beautiful! This app not only lets you manipulate left or right deck but it has feedback as well! I can now see the current position of the song and how much time remains. Furthermore, I can search the music on the computer and LOAD THE NEXT TRACK! OMG I got to have this app – oh wait, it for the i-OS (iPad/iPhone/iPod)

There are a lot of music player apps on the market – HA! “Market” that’s another newly redefined term. 99% of the music playing apps out there play music from the device itself whereas the VDJ App controls the computer. The only downside is that it is available only for the i-OS.

Bottom line… even though I have been a PC all my digital life (I consider Android to be PC – IMO) I think it is time to taste the Apple OS Kool-Aid. Look out Steve Jobs, DJ Rockin’ Rob is hopping the fence!


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