Mike Petritis


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After working with brands such as Michael Kors, McDonalds, the City of Chicago, Mike Petritis rejected the opportunity to work in one of the largest marketing agencies in the world. Why? Because his goal was to bring big voices to small businesses. Just in the last year Mike has helped over 150 companies grow through teaching and managing social media lead generation campaigns that have truly transformed every business who uses them. Utilizing his experience, he has enabled lawyers, contractors, and other small businesses nationwide to have access to big marketing power though his digital marketing agency Eliix.Marketing. Eliix brings empowerment and new hope to small businesses through increased sales driven by digital media.

Ghost Busting Leads

One of the biggest issues facing DJs beyond the price paradox has been the problem of leads that just seemingly happen to ghost you.   As a matter of fact, one of the biggest reasons why brides have been ghosting…

Why Aren’t You Taking Instagram Seriously?

It is no secret that Instagram as of late is one of the most popular and most engaging platforms out there for advertising as a DJ. The platform is not just for DJs either. Analyst Adam Levy on The Motley…