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Founding Father of Funk: Roger Troutman

Roger Troutman

By Dave Austin, “Music Professor” It seems of late that I’m spending a lot of time digging through boxes of forgotten stuff which I’ve accumulated over the years.  I’ve previously mentioned that I recently moved my operations to a new studio-office building, so I’ve been cleaning, organizing and disposing of “stuff.”  A couple of weeks…

DJ Training Tips on Beat Mixing by Mike Walter

Since the release of my DVD “The Keys to a Great DJ and MC Performance” I’ve had a few conversations with DJs on our industry who think I am overstating the importance of beat mixing. In this video I argue that premise and use some transitions from a recent wedding I DJ’d to make my…

Mashups and Mixes

The Mash Up_final proofing

By Stu Chisholm, “The Complete DJ” During a chat some years ago in an online forum, I was asked if I play mashups and mixes produced by other DJs. I was incensed! “Absolutely not,” I replied indignantly! After all, I’m very proud of my own mashups and special mixes. Why would I even THINK about…

Too Much Thump?


By Alan Dodson, “Wedding Wizard” A while back I wrote an article called “Wedding Sound Systems,” which talked about the need for subwoofers for wedding DJs and some of the science that goes along with the selection process. While I firmly believe that low end frequencies are essential for great sound reproduction, I see far…

Fun With Samples, Looping & Chops

This is the kind of stuff DJ Brian S. Redd likes to do when he can’t sleep. Enjoy!

Famous Musicians You Never Heard Of – Bob Hilliard

question mark

By Dave Austin, “Music Professor” A couple of days ago I was working in my studio, and as usual, had some music going on the sound system.  Although I’m not a great country music fan, I must admit, I’ve always enjoyed country-pop singer, Ronnie Milsap. So, when his “Any Day Now” (originally released by Chuck…

Set Lists vs Music Programing – What’s The Difference?

DJ Brian S. Redd attempts to explain this.

Famous Musicians You Never Heard of – John D. Loudermilk

John D_ Loudermilk - Sittin

By Dave Austin, “Music Professor” I was wandering through one of the music stores in Nashville some time back and I struck up a conversation with another fellow as we were inspecting some item of gear.  After a few moments, we got round to introducing ourselves and he told me his name was John Loudermilk. …

The Return of Vinyl – Chapter II


By Dave Austin, “Music Professor” I’ve recently had a new studio built in the hope of having sufficient space to house my (not small) vinyl and CD libraries, my office operation and, in the not-too-distant future, a broadcast facility.  Already, I’m wishing I had opted for a larger building, and as with most such undertakings,…

BSR’s Top 20 Classic Rock Tracks For Mobile DJs

These are Classic Rock DANCE SONGS for a USA mobile DJ mainstream audience. Most are 60’s & 70’s, with some 80’s & even a 90’s track. They are all up-tempo. These are for a mixed audience (not a Biker bar) & most should appeal to people other than Classic Rock.