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Mashups and Mixes

The Mash Up_final proofing

By Stu Chisholm, “The Complete DJ” During a chat some years ago in an online forum, I was asked if I play mashups and mixes produced by other DJs. I was incensed! “Absolutely not,” I replied indignantly! After all, I’m very proud of my own mashups and special mixes. Why would I even THINK about…

Too Much Thump?


By Alan Dodson, “Wedding Wizard” A while back I wrote an article called “Wedding Sound Systems,” which talked about the need for subwoofers for wedding DJs and some of the science that goes along with the selection process. While I firmly believe that low end frequencies are essential for great sound reproduction, I see far…

Fun With Samples, Looping & Chops

This is the kind of stuff DJ Brian S. Redd likes to do when he can’t sleep. Enjoy!

Famous Musicians You Never Heard Of – Bob Hilliard

question mark

By Dave Austin, “Music Professor” A couple of days ago I was working in my studio, and as usual, had some music going on the sound system.  Although I’m not a great country music fan, I must admit, I’ve always enjoyed country-pop singer, Ronnie Milsap. So, when his “Any Day Now” (originally released by Chuck…

Set Lists vs Music Programing – What’s The Difference?

DJ Brian S. Redd attempts to explain this.

Famous Musicians You Never Heard of – John D. Loudermilk

John D_ Loudermilk - Sittin

By Dave Austin, “Music Professor” I was wandering through one of the music stores in Nashville some time back and I struck up a conversation with another fellow as we were inspecting some item of gear.  After a few moments, we got round to introducing ourselves and he told me his name was John Loudermilk. …

The Return of Vinyl – Chapter II


By Dave Austin, “Music Professor” I’ve recently had a new studio built in the hope of having sufficient space to house my (not small) vinyl and CD libraries, my office operation and, in the not-too-distant future, a broadcast facility.  Already, I’m wishing I had opted for a larger building, and as with most such undertakings,…

BSR’s Top 20 Classic Rock Tracks For Mobile DJs

These are Classic Rock DANCE SONGS for a USA mobile DJ mainstream audience. Most are 60’s & 70’s, with some 80’s & even a 90’s track. They are all up-tempo. These are for a mixed audience (not a Biker bar) & most should appeal to people other than Classic Rock.

How Mobile DJs Can Use Spotify


By Gregg Hollmann, “Party Professional” This article pertains to the music streaming provider Spotify. Spotify is a fast-growing company that offers users the ability to stream music from a catalog of 30 million songs. Other than the typical non-participants like Prince, The Beatles and Garth Brooks, Spotify’s depth of music is incredible. It has offered…

Beginner DJ Lesson About Using the EQ On a DJ Mixer

Ellaskings (The DJ Tutor) gives this helpful lesson for newcomers.