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How Social Are You?

Social Media Bandwagon

By Doug Sandler, “Nice Guys Finish First” The average person has 5 social media accounts and spends approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes browsing those accounts every day looking for likes, shares, followers and connections. Additionally we spend another 2 plus hours browsing, commenting, and continuously searching for ways to add value to our lives….

Your Social Media Questions, Answered: #1

Social Media 98 modified

By Tony Schwartz, “The Social Media DJ” Here’s the first edition of Your Social Media Questions, Answered. Our first question comes from Jacob, who sent me this email: Hey Tony: So Facebook took away the popular “Like/Invite” hack. Any tips on how to increase my following and exposure? Jacob Houston, TX Great question! First, for…

Event Day Social Media Posting

Social Media

By Tony Schwartz, “The Social Media DJ” If your event days are anything like mine, they are best described as organized chaos. I’m not only a wedding DJ, but also the founder of an A/V rental company and a photo booth company. Needless to say, my weekends are full throttle, and sometimes it can be…

Dos and Don’ts of Social Media

dos and don

By Alan Dodson, “Wedding Wizard” To start out, let’s put some real numbers in context for reference: As of July 2015, total worldwide population is 7.3 billion The internet has 3.17 billion users There are 2.3 billion active social media users 92% of adult internet users have at least 1 social media account. 91% of retail brands use 2 or…

Social Media Spring Cleaning


By Tony Schwartz, “The Social Media DJ” I’ve spent much of the last six weeks relatively quiet. No posts on my blog. Minimal content was added on my social media profiles. And no, it wasn’t because I was off vacationing. I’ve been focusing my efforts on “spring cleaning” each of my three event-industry business. It’s…

Your Social Media Presence

Social Media 98 modified

By Tony Schwartz, “The Social Media DJ” From the looks of my social media timelines, it seems that several mobile DJs made “a more active social media presence” one of their 2016 resolutions. This is great! It’s awesome to see so many DJs finally realizing the potential impact a successful social media campaign can have…

11 Ideas for Interesting Social Media Content

Social Media Content

By Tony Schwartz, “The Social Media DJ” The number one question DJs ask about posting on social media is: “What should I post about?” And my answer is always the same: “Something interesting… DUH!” Because to be bluntly honest, most setup pics aren’t interesting. That photo of guests doing the Cupid Shuffle or other line…

Seven Social Media Books DJs Should Read

Social Media Books

By Tony Schwartz, “The Social Media DJ” There’s a plethora of social media knowledge on the internet; just Google “social media tips” and you’ll find thousands, if not millions, of articles on the subject. And while that’s great and all, most articles offer the same generic tips. Unless their is a change in a platform…

5 Social Media Tips for DJs that Work. GUARANTEED.


By Tony Schwartz, “The Social Media DJ” I don’t need to tell you how important social media is these days; you already are well aware that it has fundamentally transformed marketing, branding, and advertising. But what I do feel I need to share with wedding DJs are tips that work. Many of you know you should…

Social Media Time Saving Tools

Social Media

By Stacy Zemon, Publisher & Chief Scribe Most of the DJs I’ve met are small business owners and as such, they find themselves in the same conundrums as most entrepreneurs do: “How can I possibly get all of my social media marketing done when I have a business to run?” With this in mind, I…