Planning for Success: Part 1

By Elisabeth Scott Daley, WED®, ABC™ – “A Passion for Performance”

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It takes tons of preparation time to put together an exciting wedding reception.

Sure, you could do something “off the cuff” or “wing it” (as many people do), and you might have “extraordinary results.”

For me, might isn’t good enough. I believe in planning for and guaranteeing “extraordinary results.”

Timing is Critical

As the DJ/MC/Event Coordinator & Director, you must put together a reasonable timetable of events that works for everyone involved, because it is a team effort.

Let’s face it, as much as a caterer might want all night to serve their fine cuisine, that’s not fair to the guests. Along the same lines, if a photographer wants to disappear with the bride and groom for too long, the party can quickly go downhill without the guests of honor. Everyone has to work together.

Creating a smooth flowing agenda that moves along without rushing or stalling the energy of an event is much like conducting a symphony. The perfect agenda is very nuanced and a proper “Conductor” or “Director” will keep all the “players” on the same page and keep the appropriate momentum going throughout the night.

It’s Not “What You Say,”
It’s “How You Say It”

Ask anyone who has been married for any length of time, and they will confirm my assertion. “Have you taken out the garbage yet?” is a whole lot different than Honey, would you please take out the garbage?” Guess which way of asking achieves better results?

Along the same lines, the phrase “Please welcome as husband and wife” loses all validity when delivered with the charm of a monster truck show announcer or the conviction and sincerity of a 1970’s hair product commercial.

If your thoughts are going to be amplified, it really is a good idea to know what you’re going to say BEFORE you turn the microphone on. Trust me, the guests will come ask you the name of the artist who is singing the song if they really want to know.

A wedding is not your opportunity to pretend that you are a radio DJ. If what you have to say isn’t truly adding to the event…DON’T SAY IT!

As DJs, Master of Ceremonies, Musical Hosts, Announcers or even Wedding Entertainment Directors (whatever you call yourself), you must THINK about what you say AND how you say it because it does matter – IT MATTERS A LOT!