3 Steps to Create a Beginner’s Rig

By Chauvet DJ

Jay Fitzgerald of The D’Jay Company used nearly 50 SlimPAR™ 56 wash lights to illuminate this wedding at The Mission Inn Hotel and Spa in Riverside, Calif.

As a DJ who is just starting out, you should know that your lighting rig is as important as your sound system. Including lighting in your DJ setup makes you look more professional and can significantly increase your profit potential. To upsell a client on a lighting package, every rig should include a variety of wash and effect lights. Read on for tips on building a rig.

Wash Lights

Start building your rig by investing in at least two wash lights. You can use these fixtures to light your DJ booth or wash the dance floor. Once you establish your business, you can add more wash lights and offer an uplighting package to clients. Giving the option to wash the venue in your bride’s selected color scheme can significantly increase your bottom line.

Effect Lights

Add one or two effect lights for movement. Look for a fixture with a multicolored output that is reasonably priced and projects beams, a moonflower effect or any other type of movement to add excitement to your event. Lasers Add at least one laser to your rig. These popular fixtures cover a lot of space and look great even without fog. There are lasers on the market that are small enough to fit in your pocket and there are some that project red, green, blue, violet and magenta beams in multiple patterns. Know your options before you make an investment.

Tips For the Beginner

1. Fixture placement is pertinent. Setting up your fixtures in the same location limits coverage so keep them separated to cover more space.

2. Cables are an investment. Invest in high-quality cables and wrap them properly to ensure a long lifespan.

Building a lighting rig from the ground up can get expensive quickly. If you are completely unfamiliar with lighting, look for compact, lightweight fixtures that feature automatic programs and sound-active mode. Once you feel comfortable, start looking at fixtures with DMX capabilities so you can create custom shows for your clients.

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