Increase Your Bookings Based on Emotion

By Alan Dodson, “Wedding Wizard”

In the sales world, I hear sales people utilize “wants and needs” like they are the same thing. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is true that all sales are based on wants and needs but they are different from each other.

Before you can be a successful sales person, you must know the differences and what is the driving factor, particularly in the event business.

Needs vs. Wants

For weddings and events Needs can be physical (food, location, transportation, rentals) or emotional (pretty, smooth, fun). Wants, however, are almost always emotional. Whenever we purchase something, it’s because the purchase satisfies a want. It may or may not satisfy an actual need.

Let’s face it, when someone decides to get married, they only NEED, a marriage license and an official to execute it. Literally everything else is a WANT when it comes to the formal ceremony and reception party.

Wants Win

Whenever a want conflicts with a need, the want always wins. Every time. This means if you’re selling something based on need or perceived need and your prospect wants to avoid spending that much money right now, there’s not likely going to be a sale. Unless you can show the value and develop an emotional connection for the prospect that makes the purchase of your product or service a strong WANT.

So, as you’re talking with your prospect, ask about all their wants and needs, not just the obvious ones. The more emotional wants you can uncover, the greater your chances of making the sale.

Keep in mind, though, whether a potential client has a want or a need, his/her PURCHASE will be driven by emotion. If it is a need, they will justify the price logically, if it is something that they REALLY WANT, the price becomes insignificant.

Take time to know what emotions a prospect’s purchase will be driven by, and your chances of booking that event will improve dramatically.

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