5 Social Media Tips for DJs that Work. GUARANTEED.


By Tony Schwartz, “The Social Media DJ”

I don’t need to tell you how important social media is these days; you already are well aware that it has fundamentally transformed marketing, branding, and advertising. But what I do feel I need to share with wedding DJs are tips that work.

Many of you know you should be creating content – whether it be blogging, posts on the big three, pinning photos to Pinterest, etc. – but you’re struggling to finding success with your social media efforts. And because social media takes time – something that every entrepreneur already lacks enough of to begin with – and the results aren’t there, you quit. And this leaves you behind in a constantly changing, life in fast-forward world.

So, to help get you back on track – or just get you started – I want to offer up five tips that are guaranteed to improve your social media efforts.

Post Regularly.

This one is first as it is most important: post on a regular basis. It can be daily or it can be once a week; I wouldn’t recommend less than that. But do post. Set aside time on your calendar to come up with content for social media posts. And if you are just getting started, don’t worry if your posts are great or not; as honestly, very few are probably reading it anyways. But if you don’t post, no one is reading, period.

And while you and I both know that large gaps of time between posts likely means you’re busy and lacking the time to post, the perception to your followers isn’t the same. They want to see what you are doing and if they see gaps in time, they’ll think you aren’t busy. It’s backwards, but that’s just the way it is.

Use Hootsuite.

With so many platforms out there, I strongly recommend the investment in a Hootsuite Pro Account (Click the link for a 30 day free trial!). Especially since Instagram was finally added recently. Consider it your social media control center. While I’m not a fan of auto-scheduling posts, I do love the ability to post to all of my social media accounts natively from one app.

Tag People in Facebook Photos.

This should be a given, but so many professionals will post a photo and reference their clients – as well as the vendors they are working with – but they do not tag them in the photo. And that’s a missed opportunity for additional organic reach. I can’t tell you how many engaged people have sent me an inquiry via PM on Facebook just from seeing one of their now married friends in a photo I had tagged them in.

Limit Hashtags To Relevant Ones.

Nothing is more annoying than a post with way too many pointless, irrelevant hashtags. Seriously, a couple relevant ones are okay, but please, please, don’t be like these two. Treat hashtags as a double-edged sword, ride them, don’t try to create a trending hashtag. Social media is about listening and responding, more so than telling.

Do create a hashtag or two as a part of your brand. Always post to the client’s dedicated hashtag (more organic reach!). And if the post is relevant, join the conversation of larger hashtag communities. When I post a picture of Chesney, I’ll include #Bulldog and always get likes and comments from that community.

Continue The Conversation.

Don’t just like a comment someone leaves you, respond to it and carry the conversation forward, if at all possible. It doesn’t matter how many likes or followers you have if none of them are engaging in conversation with you. I love to stay in touch with my past couples, because I know who they’re referring me can see the interactions we’re having long after the wedding day has come and gone. And that’s powerful, because they realize the relationship me and my clients have is more than just a business transaction.


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