Being Prepared with an “Elevator Speech”

by Jason Jani

Sometime ago one of my very good friends named Gerry Siracusa asked me how I would answer the question “What do you for work?”.

After giving it some thought, I candidly responded with a high level brush of my role at Sound Connection Entertainment, and the fact that I love what I do being a private event DJ.

I have to admit, I wasn’t prepared for the question with a rehearsed, clear and concise answer.

What It Is

This quick reply statement can be referred to as the elevator pitch. The elevator pitch is a short summary that used to clearly and quickly define a product, service or organization and its value proposition. It is so named because it should last no longer than the average elevator ride.

Think about the following scenario… you step onto an elevator, stop for coffee on the way to work or meet someone at a networking event. Circumstances present you with the opportunity in which you are asked a simple question, “What do you do?”. You have about 30 seconds to deliver a high level compelling pitch and the person you are speaking could be your big break.

Are you be prepared? Could you do it? What would you say?

Seriously, give this some though and try it with a friend or colleague. Chances are, you will be grasping for cool things to say, and it will not be effective (unless you are ready for it).

Since the question was asked to me, I have made a point to ask a number of friends the “What do you do?” question.

Charles Bernard of DJX in Boston, had one of my favorite replies. He delivered a witty, charismatic and totally off the cuff answer that kept me interested until he finished. It was interesting enough, that I said, wow that was clever. Shout out to CB, for being prepared and for nailing it.

Take time to develop a couple of pitches that will allow you to verbally articulate your business quickly, clearly, and compellingly.

Here are a few tips on developing a great elevator speech:

  1. Make it natural. Do your best to sound like you are talking normal and not reciting a paragraph written down in the office.
  2. Be clear and concise. Speaking clear and concise will help you being understood. Remove the un-needed fluff statements and adjectives, because they are just not needed.
  3. Try to be charismatic and compelling. People do business with people they like, so leave them with the feeling they want to learn more. The key in this point is to be real and hopefully they will check out your website or business card for more information.
  4. Smile. When you are delivering your speech to be sure to smile. Smiling is one of the most under-rated items in life, and chances are your delivery will be received with open arms if it is coupled with a smile.
  5. Be flexible. Realize the same speech may not work for different people. Being flexible and ready to switch it up with different components may help you in being successful.
  6. One of the most important things a businessperson can do – especially an owner who is involved in sales – is learn how to speak about their business to others.

Being able to sum up unique aspects of your DJ entertainment company in a way that excites others should be a fundamental skill. Continually perfecting the elevator pitch ensures that you are always able to put your best foot forward.

Jason Jani – The Brand of You

Jason Jani is a multi-faceted artist, innovator, producer, remixer, entrepreneur and professional DJ.

His company, Sound Connection Entertainment, provides customized planning and entertainment production services including enhanced lighting, video services, decor, photo booth rentals as well as live musicians and performers.

Jason has presented seminars to his peers at DJ trade shows and association meetings. He was a featured “Mobile DJ of the Month” in DJ Times magazine, and works with Promo Only to help mold what is played on the radio and in nightclubs. Jason has been invited to DJ for celebrity clients such as Janet Jackson, LL Cool J, Akon, TI, and others.

To contact Jason, email or visit

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