by Mark Ashe

We all know when we see a great DJ and that is evident if you have ever seen KC (Keith KoKoruz) perform.

This gifted and talented artist from Chicago started his career at Northern Illinois University while belonging to the Theta Chi Fraternity.

It was here when KC was asked to cover for a DJ who had to run to the bathroom. Without any experience, and not really knowing what to play, he hit the start button and the crowd erupted. He knew now what he wanted to do and soon after joined the DJ company that many of his frat brothers also worked for until he formed his first company called Spinnin’ Discs.


Keith describes his distinct style saying he likes entertaining in a way that moves people. He says he creates atmosphere and emotional attachment with the event and the guests, and prides himself in doing things that most people have not seen before. Driving the room to cheer wildly for a guest of honor or bringing them to tears for the Father/Daughter dance makes this artist stand out.


When I asked KC to tell me about his best and worse party experience, he summed it all up into one party.

An unfortunate disaster occurred three songs into a wedding reception he was performing at. One of the guests had a heart attack and KC had the quick notion to stop the music and seek medical assistance. He called 911 and cleared the ballroom. The paramedics arrived and did what they could, but sadly the man passed away.”

A good DJ is always thinking ahead and that’s exactly what he did. As the paramedics removed the man it appeared as though they were still working on reviving him. The Father said a prayer and KC comforted the guests informing them that the man was in good hands and with his immediate family. The party rocked from that point on and they hired him for an extra hour.


Keith was 20 years old when he started with huge aspirations and a desire to be the largest DJ company in Chicago.

In 2009 he sold Spinnin’ Discs and opened Keith Christopher Entertainment ( He was now 40 years old with a different level of maturity and different goals.

My desire to be the biggest was no longer my goal but creating a company based solely around talent and production has been the focus.”

He is thrilled to have the opportunity to recreate himself and feels more successful now owning a company significantly smaller in design than his first company.


Keith believes that the DJ industry will become more and more segregated and that the cream of the crop will rise to the top. This refers to boutique style DJ entertainers and companies that will be able to charge a premium. He feels the middle end DJs will become even more saturated and the lower end DJs will be erased by technology.

Keith brings up a really good point stating that all of the basic parties that we veteran DJs originally relied on are being replaced by iPods. As technology increases, these event may go away all together for the beginners and low end DJs.


Good Question. I have goals and dreams both inside and outside this industry. Only time and God can tell what my path is.”


Any good entertainer not only has a deep understanding of their industry but is also grounded and destined to succeed. I have found this in Keith Christopher.

So…to all you upcoming and great DJs out there, and you know who you are, aspire for greater challenges in life, create new paths and turn every negative you come across into a positive!


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