DJ Spotlight: Meet Tavares Chambliss

American Ninja Warrior

By Keith “K.C.” KoKoruz, “The Science of Marketing”

TAVARESIt isn’t often that I get to write about a good friend of mine. Today happens to be that day, however.

Looking for great talent doesn’t always mean looking in the obvious places. One of my DJs was having dinner at Applebee’s and couldn’t get over the personality of their waiter. Upon meeting him he asked if he had ever DJ’d before and without missing a beat told him NO but popped and locked in front of him and explained he was a dancer. A business card was passed to Tavares and he became one of the dancers for my company.

That was the year 2002. Since then, Tavares has developed into an amazing emcee and what I would call a Master Interactive Entertainer. His rapport with an audience is amazing and kids love him.

Since then he developed an anti-bullying pep assembly that he leads in schools.

In addition to being an emcee and professional dancer, he is also a personal trainer during the week. Earlier this year, one of his clients asked him if he had ever seen the NBC show American Ninja Warrior. He had not. The client told him to look it up because he would be prefect for the show. Tavares looked it up and knew he had to be on the show.

He sent in an audition video and the producers liked what they saw and invited him to compete.

The first taping was done in April. Tavares aired on Monday June 1, 2015 on NBC.

Tavares successfully completed the course and has qualified to continue to the next round and will be returning to Kansas City in June for the second round.

Win or lose, Tavares is an amazing performer, motivator, and a really nice guy.


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