It’s Been A Good Ride…

Alan Dodson, former editor of

To the readers of and the DJ Industry:

My Friends,

I recently tendered my resignation as the Editor of to Carol Keslar, President of NAME an owner of ProMobileDJ.

Many of you are unaware of my second passion beyond the DJ industry. I have for a long time been a gourmet cook and working on the publication of a cookbook. I have been teaching in the Culinary Program at a regional Higher Education Center for a couple of years.

I was recently offered, and accepted the position of Executive Chef at the Country Club of Bristol in the town where I live. This is allowing me to explore much deeper into the culinary arts and an opportunity to create a whole new menu and experience for the club members, and essentially start a new career.

At the age of 67, I have struggled with the physical aspects of being a Wedding DJ. Although I have loved the 45 plus years of mobile DJ service, helping others, teaching and mentoring, the time has come for me to stop performing.

I want to thank Carol and the entire NAME team for the opportunity to add to the ProMobileDJ experience for the readers of this great publication. Dennis M. Kintzer will be taking over the position and I will assist him in any way possible during the transition.

You will still see me at industry shows from time to time, and I will continue my speaking and training workshops.

See you out there,