Social Media Workout

By Alan Dodson, “Wedding Wizard”

There is a lot to be said about working out, and being in good health and good physical condition.

I remember one year as I was driving from the Las Vegas airport to the Riveria Hotel just prior to the Mobile Beat Show, I was surprised to see a *fellow DJ running shirtless down the street. It was at a time that I am usually sleeping, but there he was, getting his morning workout.

I consider my personal health and condition pretty good for my age, but I don’t run! But I am writing about a different kind of workout. It is my daily social media workout.

We Must Evolve as Marketers

As the landscape of social media continues to evolve, we as DJ business owners and marketers must evolve with it.

The following suggestions should apply to not only Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest, but to virtually all of the social media platforms that you may be using. The above should be considered a bare minimum for adequate social media interaction.

Before you begin your workout, you need to get your “gym” (computer) set up for efficiency. Most of us DJs do not have the luxury of a staff person to manage our social media, so we need some tools to help us conserve our most valuable commodity, our time!

Let’s start with an essential basic. You need a tool that will help you manage your multiple accounts. Personally, I use Tweetdeck ( which is great for individuals and has platforms for desktop, and iPad. Also for individuals, Seesmic, owned by Hootsuite ( and if your are doing a team management, Hootsuite ( Use a URL shortener because of character restrictions on many sites. I use but there are others.

Time for the Workout

  1. Update your status at least one time, EVERY DAY.
  2. Re-Tweet two things you found interesting.
  3. Share two pieces of news that contain images or video.
  4. Comment on at least two pages (Facebook and LinkedIn) that have audiences similar to your client base.
  5. Post something about yourself or your business. (But not a sales message).
  6. Comment on the posts or tweets of at least 4 people that you have known, or interacted with for over six months.
  7. Chat with at least 2 new people and 2 people you already know.
  8. When someone retweets one of your posts, posts on your pages, or on your profile, thank them for their interaction with you.

Throughout your daily social media workout, remember this one most important thing: All of the above is to create INTERACTION and awareness of YOU. Not for you to constantly post sales messages.

The sales come when you are perceived as someone of knowledge that your prospective clients will respect.

Have a great workout! See you online…..

* Editors Note: The shirtless DJ running down the street was likely Mike Walter or Marcello Pedalino, but PMDJ cannot confirm this as no photograph was taken at the time of Alan’s sighting.

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