The “Going Digital” Dilemma

by Jerry Bazata- “Money Answer Man”

I have finally come to the realization that I must place my beloved CD collection on the shelf next to my vinyl records, and embrace digital technology as my new music library.

As I have learned in speaking with other Mobile DJs who are in the same process, going digital is more difficult than expected.

I have scoured the internet for the right software, controller, interface, laptop, etc. to the point where, frankly, I’ve become both confused and scared.

Have You Experienced My Dilemma?

If you’ve experienced my dilemma and found your way to the answers, your thoughts and ideas can help me make the right decisions.

Here are my main questions:

  • What is the best brand of laptop with the appropriate ram and memory to hold a library of both music and videos for me to purchase? Please be specific about driver and processor specifications.
  • What is the best software to load onto the laptop, so that I can beat mix and edit during a show just like I do with my good old CD collection?
  • What is the best controller or interface? Note: I have been a diehard Pioneer fan and began spinning on the old (I mean really old) CD500, and still have my original CDJ 1000 that I purchased back in 2002.
  • What am I missing in the decision process?

A Great Place to be Heard

Your thoughts and recommendations will not only be helpful to me but on behalf of the countless Mobile DJs facing this overwhelming transition, along with those just starting out.

Please post your comments on Pro Mobile DJs Facebook page. I’m sure many DJs beside me would like to know your opinion.


  • Jerry Bazata (Maine’s DJ Jaz) has over 25 years of experience as a professional DJ entertainer. His firm, J & J Marketing and Entertainment, is a leading consultant to the event planning and music industries. Jerry is a published author and is recognized nationally as an authority on the disc jockey business. He is also Senior Vice President of a global financial institution. To learn about Jerry’s DJ company, visit and you can email him at

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