QSC KS Series Subwoofers: A Review

                I have used a variety of equipment in my history as a mobile DJ and audio technician.  I will say out of all the subwoofers I have used with my equipment QSC has some of the best.  In this article I will be going over the KS Series of subwoofers, the pros, cons, as well as the sizes to use in different situations.  These subwoofers are highly configurable, as well as user friendly. 

Construction and Features

                There are three different models of the KS series subwoofers.  The first is the KS112 which has a single 12-inch driver as well as a 2000-watt class-d amplifier.  It features an ultra-compact design that gives a professional appearance as well as the ability to use in a horizontal or vertical configuration.  The second is the KS212 which is the first in its class single box active cardioid subwoofer.  This unit features a 3600-watt class-d amplifier as well as dual 12-inch drivers.  It also features the same compact design as the KS112 and can be deployed in a horizontal or vertical configuration.  The KS118 is the largest option in the KS Series.  It has a great low frequency performance as well as an 18-inch driver and 3600-watt class-d amplifier.  The driver is set up in a direct radiating configuration whereas the smaller models use a 6th order bandpass design.  All the models feature dual M20 speaker pole fittings to mount a speaker pole above the sub box. 

                All in all, these subs are well built and durable.  The design of the boxes stands up to the rigorous lifestyle of a mobile entertainer.  The digital amplifier offers an amazing crossover performance that, while designed to operate with the K.2 and CP series and other QSC speakers, is compatible with any top cabinets you have.  You have a large range of gain levels to adjust your output for the room you are in.  When paired with my Electro-Voice ZLX-15P speakers it sounds AMAZING, but the best sound was when I paired them with a pair of QSC CP10 speakers.  This shows that they are specifically designed to operate the most efficiently with other QSC equipment. 

Real World Usage

                I used these speakers in many different situations that my DJ business had encountered during 2020.  Unfortunately, COVID-19 put a damper on how many events I was able to test these at.  I do believe that the testing I was able to do was sufficient to give my honest opinion of them.  These subs took a beating, and it did not even phase them.  I had many events that ended up taking them to their limits and there was no clipping or even excessive heat coming from the amplifier.  They also took a lot of hits during load ins and load outs.  The covers helped minimize any damage that may occur due to this, but the well-designed box does not get damaged easy even if you do not have the covers on.  The sound out of these was great.  You can really tell a difference between using just a pair of speakers and pairing them with a quality sub.  They are also priced reasonably so any DJ business that budgets their business properly can afford them. 


                All in all, I believe these subs are a great buy for any mobile DJ.  QSC really amazes me with every product I review for them as the quality is some of the best I have seen in the industry.  I encourage other DJs and entertainers out there to pick up a set of these and try them out.  Do not take my word for it, but these subs would be an amazing investment for any DJ to use at events.  Employing a three-way setup is the best way to not only provide the best quality sound but also prolong the life of your equipment.  You can find these speakers at all your major equipment retailers but I recommend NLFX Professional.  Follow the links below to find them.

The KS112


The KS212C


The KS118


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