The Power You Possess (and probably don’t even know it)

By Jessica McKelvey

Have you ever caught someone looking at you? Or, has someone caught you looking at them?

I’m referring to that time you were at a red light, looked at the car next to you, only to have the person look back. Maybe you were in the checkout line, bored, and looking around at people. Situation aside, the result was the same: one person started it, the other person felt it and looked back.

The reason this happens is the same for all of us- but more powerful in some versus others.

It’s energy.

Think I’m crazy? I promise you I’m not. Everything around us is constructed of energy. Think about it- scientifically all matter is made of atoms, biologically with living organisms, and so much more.

Some humans are more in tune with energy than others. It’s called being an empath, which is different than empathy. Empathy is putting yourself in someone’s shoes, whereas being an empath is another level of giving and receiving energy. You have a stronger connection to either people, places, or things.

I’m learning that a lot of DJs are empaths. It makes sense; we are in the business of energy. We create positive vibes at events through music and interactions.

There are different types of empaths. We won’t be diving deeply into that, and you can independently explore to find out which area you are the strongest in. Use this knowledge to your advantage and elevate your brand and performance. I’ve found myself attracting  clients with the same empathic vibes, which creates such a harmonious working relationship.

If you do identify as an empath, I strongly encourage you to educate yourself. For now, follow these suggestions to capitalize on your new-found superpower:

  • Separate energy- Be aware that you are sensitive to energies. Not everything you feel is technically your own. I used to get anxious for no good reason, and finally realized I was picking up on something else that was happening. An example of this may be if the parents of a wedding couple do not get along. I make sure to ask about family dynamics before an event now.
  • Overwhelm- Picking up on so many energies and emotions can be overwhelming. If you feel overwhelmed, take a moment and reset. Music affects empaths differently by triggering a response in the reward part of your brain. Put on your headphones, drown out your surroundings for just a moment, and get into the music.
  • Look at small groups in the crowd. This way, you can hone in on their energy and what will make them move. Looking at the entire group can overstimulate you.
  • Trust your instincts. They are STRONG.

Realizing that I am an empath has brought my world into focus. Experiences I had in school now make sense to me. Social interactions are less daunting and I understand why I sometimes felt like I was on the outside.

I’m not saying that people who aren’t empaths are less than those that are; that is NOT my message. We’ve all been gifted superpowers. But, for those of us that are, recognizing that this is your superpower will elevate your personal and professional life. What’s even more astonishing  is that when you realize you’re an empath and begin to educate yourself, the connection gets stronger and efficacious.

Follow this link, and find out if you are indeed an empath-and please reach out to me if you’d like to talk further!

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    Jessica McKelvey, “DJ Jess”, is an intuitive and energetic DJ from Pittsburgh, PA. She specializes in weddings, unique corporate, and women’s themed events. DJ Jess has performed all across the nation, from Las Vegas to Atlantic City. She was recently named Pittsburgh's Best Wedding DJ, speaks on a monthly panel with QSC called “Play Out Loud At Home”, and co-hosts a Clubhouse club “Wedding and Event DJ’s”. She lives outside of the city with her husband, two little boys, and their assortment of pets. When she’s not curating the vibe, DJ Jess loves to spend time in nature, traveling, and decorating any space that she can. To learn more about DJ Jess, follow her on Instagram-

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