Having Great Parties Outside in the Summertime

Summer is just around the corner. In the summertime, use the opportunity to make a difference between a good time and a great time at any and every outdoor party… Weddings, picnics or pool parties. To approach each outdoor party with confidence, be prepared for anything and everything Mother Nature main part. The lower few guidelines to help in mind to keep the good times rolling at your outdoor parties.

  • Summarize your car and make sure that the radiator is full of antifreeze and you have extra on hand.
  • Always make sure it’s written in your contract and when you speak to your client before the event that if you are outside you are under some type of a tent or cover to protect you and your equipment from the Sun and any outdoor elements.
  • Since you can’t always count on a client to have a tent it would be a good idea to have an extra pop up handy just in case you need it. Tarps and or blankets are also a good idea to help cover your equipment in case it rains or to protect your equipment from the Sun. These tarps or¬†blankets can also help cover your equipment to hide it when it’s carried in your vehicle.
  • If you are using vinyl and you are outside, never have your turntables and or the vinyl in direct sunlight it only takes a few minutes in 80-plus degree heat to melt and warp your vinyl.
  • Watch the wind outside if using a turntable which can blow your turn arms or any other type of paper for business cards that are on your table.
  • Bring an extra shirt or change of clothes when you begin to feel the effects of the heat and you may sweat a lot. A towel or Sports towel that becomes cold when you wet it is also a good idea to help keep you cool. It is also a great idea to carry a small fan that you can point at yourself to keep you cool.
  • Rain or pool water should be regarded with special care and of course, never stand in water while using your microphone or touching your equipment. The minute it starts to rain you should immediately shut down and unplug everything and get to safety.


  • Greg has been a mobile disc jockey for over 30 years. He began Djing at 18, and at 22 joined the nations largest wedding services company where he entered management after one year. Later in his career he was made an executive and by the time the company had peaked he was managing over 350 Disc Jockeys, videographers, photographers, and photo booth operators in 24 different branches across the United States and Canada.
    After 25 years of success with the company, Greg went independent and opened his own entertainment services company, in addition to a DJ Entertainment School he had bought years earlier. The School focuses on teaching adults and Kids how to DJ and entertain. As a solid member of his community he also donates time to several organizations teaching inner city kids and special needs kids how to DJ.
    Greg is a member of The Senate Djs and The House of Reps DJ community that is for improving yourself professionally in the entertainment industry. He also hosts a Sunday night radio show at 9pm on Wild1Radio.com.
    As a force of nature within the entertainment industry he also represents as a Brand ambassador and sponsored artist with Peavey Electronics, NAME Entertainers, Floyd Rose audio, BPM Supreme, and Spinfluenceit. You can catch him teaching and doing seminars at The DJ Expo and for NYC DJ con. He also hosts the "In The Cue" podcast every Monday night at 8pm EST! Go to www.inthecuepodcast.com or search in the cue podcast on youtube for more!
    He will be presenting at DJ Expo in 2021! Be sure to check him out!
    www.curranentertainment.com & www.djentertainmentschool.com
    (267) 625-3227

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