The Importance of Email Subject Lines – Part 1

Part 1 of a 2 Part Article
by Jerry Bazata

A personal note of thanks to everyone who attended my seminar at the DJ Expo, and those who have followed-up with questions from the presentation and subsequent blog post “Ignore Chicken Little on Wall Street.”

You asked for more advice, strategy and common sense…therefore I am much obliged to give it to you!

What’s In Your Subject Line?

Research shows that on average a person spends less than 3 seconds on a message before he or she decides to delete, forward or read it. Your subject line is the most important sentence or short phrase you can write to capture your reader’s attention. Remember the subject line must focus on an idea, event or question that your reader cares about-that will keep them reading. I conducted a quick study and sent emails to 12 DJs in an undisclosed market asking for information for a potential wedding reception.

First, the subject lines I quickly deleted because they focused on the company, salesy or lack of interest:

  • Special Pricing if you book before October 2010 for 2011
  • Best DJ Company for your budget
  • The metro area’s best DJs bar none
  • Wedding Receptoin Specialsts (yes the responded with misspellings, forgot to use spell check)

Now let’s talk about the emails that I did open and read with subject lines that peak my interest:

  • Helping you find the appropriate entertainment for your wedding
  • Thank you for your inquiry…how can I help?
  • A moment of your time by phone to help you plan your reception.

Below are some of the additional ideas I have used in gaining the attention of a prospect bride or event planner to open, read and respond to my email:

  • Ideas to help reduce the stress of finding the right entertainment for your wedding
  • Quick Question…regarding challenges in coordinating your wedding reception
  • How may I help you in planning your wedding reception
  • Interesting reading before you select your entertainment

The reality is that brides and event planners are sending countless emails out daily asking for information and pricing to educated themselves and make the right decision. In speaking with some recent brides the numbers are staggering as they responded with a range of 50 to 80 emails on average.

Secondly, as we approach the bridal show season we are all going target the attendee listings and leads provided to us. Just think about how that flood of emails is going to effect the decision maker…will you get noticed?

Look for Part 3 of this article: Email Message Content, in which I will focus on how to increase your response rate with targeted and engaging messages in the body of your emails.

Jerry Bazata – Money Answer Man

Jerry Bazata has over 25 years of experience as a professional mobile entertainer. He is the owner of DJ Jaz Music and Entertainment, and J & J Marketing and Entertainment, a leading consultant to the event planning and music industries. Jerry is also a Vice President in the Global Commercial Bank-Business Banking Group of a global financial institution.

He has been a featured speaker numerous times at the International Bar & Restaurant Show in Las Vegas and the International DJ Expo in Atlantic City. Jerry’s charismatic, humorous and down-to-earth style allows attendees to get educated in an entertaining manner. He provides guidance and inspiration to help DJ business owners achieve their financial goals.

Additionally, Jerry has authored countless articles about financial and marketing success strategies that have appeared in a DJ Times Magazine and financial publications. His insights and forecasting abilities are second to none.

Jerry is a graduate of Sacred Heart University in Connecticut. He holds Bachelor of Administration Banking and Finance, and Bachelor of Administration Marketing degrees as well as an American Institute of Banking Sales Management and Theory Degree.

You can visit Jerry’s website, Maine Disc Jockey or email him at





  • Jerry Bazata (Maine’s DJ Jaz) has over 25 years of experience as a professional DJ entertainer. His firm, J & J Marketing and Entertainment, is a leading consultant to the event planning and music industries. Jerry is a published author and is recognized nationally as an authority on the disc jockey business. He is also Senior Vice President of a global financial institution. To learn about Jerry’s DJ company, visit and you can email him at

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