Being True To Yourself

As a Mobile DJ I from time to time have to remind myself to be true to myself and who I am.
It isn’t about the software I use, it isn’t about the fancy DJ gear I have, the awesome light show, It is you as the entertainer for the event.

I was first alerted to this when a dear friend asked, “What happened to the old DJ Mikey I knew, he was an urban legend of epic stories.”

I then immediately thought about some words Dr. Dad once shared with me. People will love you for your imperfections, all your nuances, every element that embodies you.”

Which made me think, that maybe I had been focusing too much on being “Professional”

The definition of Professional if anyone is wondering: engaged in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than as a pastime.

When someone typically is engaged in their pastime, they are extremely passionate about the activity they are engaging in. When you are a “Professional” you are a little more concerned about your reputation. If you are a professional, or just getting started you should rightfully care about your reputation.

Let’s be honest though, When I am out bowling with friends, or racing a R/C car with friends I could care less about my reputation as a bowler, or a R/C Car hobbyist at the moment. I am just having fun; all my cares are gone.

In a world of FB, Instagram, Pinterest, etc… with so many telling you that XYZ is the path to true professionalism: it is easy to get lost and to forget who you are, what made DJing exciting and fun for you.

There is nothing wrong with honing your craft, mastering your skill sets, or gaining new skill sets. Don’t forget who you are, and what brought you to this amazing field of work in the first place.

Final words: If it is not fun and exciting for you, how do you think your audience feels?


  • I was fortunate and made a career out of one of my passions early on in life. I started djing when I was 19 yrs old. Over time and a lot of hard lessons, a little luck, interesting life experiences, and continued life long education I have become what I am today. I strive to learn something new every day, it is my hopes you will do the same.

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