The Value of YOU

By Elisabeth Scott Daley, WED®, ABC™ 

It’s easy for the general public to devalue what we do as mobile DJ entertainers for weddings and corporate events, because if we do our jobs correctly, we make it look REALLY easy.

Because of this phenomena, sometimes even the most passionate and talented performers can start to devalue themselves because so many potential clients just don’t recognize the value of great mobile entertainers. It’s our own fault.  We made it look easy.

Here’s a perspective that
should cheer you up.

If you’ve ever had a medical scare or weather issue that made you fearful of whether or not you could make a gig, your mind has probably wondered, “who can cover me?”

Now sure, we could easily find someone who has music, gear, and was available and would show up. But since your clients hired YOU, it would be really easy to disappoint them.

What if the replacement isn’t as friendly as you?  What if they don’t arrive as early as you do, and the music doesn’t start on time?  What if they forget to make sure they have all the right songs…especially important ones like the First Dance. What if they don’t possess any skill as a Master of Ceremonies? What if they cue music so badly that Mack trucks could drive through the transitions.

As a single op who works very intimately with my clients and creates individualized receptions, what is the backup plan? What is your backup plan? Where can you find someone who will care about your clients as much as you?  Who can deliver the same caliber of service as a Master of Ceremonies?  Who can choose music the way you do? Who could walk in with your notes, your agenda… and hit a home run?


The answer for me is a very short list and they are in the WED GUILD. Why?  Because they are all credentialed entertainers prepared to deliver extraordinary results.

No one can be you.  You are special. You are talented and no one can do what you do in the same way.  As passionate performers, we need to NEVER forget that.

Other performers might do something similar.  But they aren’t you. That is what makes you special and what you should be selling.  YOU.  The talent, the skill and the passion!

PICTURED ABOVE: DJ/MC Shani Barnett and Bride