Using Music Playlists To Grow Your DJ Business

Music Playlist

By Gregg Hollmann, “Party Professional”

As DJs, we regularly compile playlists in preparation for parties. Have you ever thought to publish these playlists on your website or blog? Alternatively, playlists can be shared in your sales kits. Listed below are five reasons to publish your playlists.

Following the list of reasons, I’ll share information about our company’s “Wedding Cocktail Hour” playlist series. This list of 43 themed playlists contains a wealth of popular themes that you can use for your own parties.

5 Reasons to Publish Playlists

  1. You cement yourself as an expert, showing prospective clients that you know your stuff, particularly in their preferred style of music. For example, when pitching a Sweet 16, I will share the playlist “50 Hot Songs for a Sweet 16.” Trying to book a Caribbean party? Then I’ll share “40 Songs for a Hot Reggae Dance Party.” Of course, make sure that your song picks are up-to-date and on-point!

  1. Playlists are great sales tools. Imagine a prospective client asking you if you’ve ever played a Great Gatsby-themed party. You can confidently reply, “yes, we sure have and here’s 25 songs that we played!” All of this can be done with the quick copy & paste of a website link. Many prospective clients are highly interested in musical ideas.

  1. High quality playlists can result in easy bookings. Yes, there are clients out there – including wedding couples – who will book a party solely on the merit of a playlist. For example, we recently had a couple who loved our company’s “Miami Vice Wedding Cocktail Hour Playlist” and booked us for their wedding on the spot.

  1. Playlists can be shared on Pinterest. Brides in particular love Pinterest and are actively looking for quality content to plan their once in a lifetime celebrations. Pinterest is an excellent opportunity to showcase your ideas in front of prospective clients.

  1. Playlists drive traffic to your website and enhance SEO. Our company website ( receives over 1,000 visits a day deriving from Pinterest. In other words, Pinterest users are clicking through to blog articles hosted on our company website. The well-trafficked and relevant content on the website is great for SEO and our company organically appears on the first page of Google for many popular searches. The first page of Google is prime real estate that will immensely benefit most businesses.

An added benefit to organizing playlists is to help yourself at a gig. Usually related to fatigue, I can occasionally get “brain freeze” that makes it difficult to think of a song from my 100,000 song collection. When this happens, I refer to playlists that were organized when I was focused and well-rested.

The Wedding Cocktail Hour Playlist

In 2013, our company began publishing themed playlists for wedding cocktail hours. The project gained momentum, and we are now up to 43 playlists. These playlists may be a helpful reference point for those of you planning themed parties.

Sample playlists from the series include:

  • Back to the Eighties Cocktail Hour

  • The Disco Love Cocktail Hour

  • The Acid Jazz Cocktail Hour

  • The “Super Happy” Cocktail Hour

  • The Christmas Cocktail Hour

  • The Super Funky Soul Cocktail Hour

  • The International Excursions Cocktail Hour

  • The Head to Shoulder Dip Cocktail Hour

  • The James Bond Cocktail Hour

  • The New York State of Mind Cocktail Hour

  • The All Beatles Cocktail Hour

  • The Savannah Southern Charm Cocktail Hour

  • The Boardwalk Empire / Great Gatsby Cocktail Hour

  • The Crooners Cocktail Hour

  • The Giants of Jazz Cocktail Hour

To access the entire series, visit

If you have a suggested theme for a wedding cocktail hour or are interested in being a guest blogger, please contact me at


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