Book Review – “S.A.L.E.S. 4 Event Pros” by Mitch Taylor

Article by Gregg Hollmann, owner of East Windsor, NJ-based Ambient DJ Service.

Mitch Taylor is a highly regarded wedding DJ and sales expert.  As a wedding DJ entertainer, Mitch is the owner/operator of Taylored Events based in Escanaba Michigan.  As a sales expert, Mitch is a Gitomer Licensed Trainer and Sales Coach.  Mitch studied directly under Jeffrey Gitomer, aka “The King of Sales” who authored America’s #1 sales book.  I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Mitch speak at numerous DJ conferences, and most recently at the 2017 Mobile Beat Show in Las Vegas.

Mitch’s sales principles are based on the concept of “Sum Tertius” translated from Latin as “I am third.”  As per the author, “if you always put your clients’ needs ahead of your own, you will come out ahead way more often than not.”

In this article, I review Mitch’s book “S.A.L.E.S. 4 Event Pros – Your Guide to Heartfelt Solutions and an Increased Bottom Line.”  In the name of full disclosure, I was not paid cash or any other consideration to review this book.


Revised and expanded in 2017, the book is 172 pages long.  The book is organized into five sections and nineteen chapters.  The first letter of each of the five sections spells S.A.L.E.S.:

  • Search
  • Approach
  • Learn
  • Explain
  • Solve

While the book can be read relatively quickly, it should also be used as a reference book and as a workbook.  Many of the chapters include a “Rehearsal” section that provides to the reader assignments or drills to improve a specific skill set.  Each chapter includes key information in the form of a “Nugget” and there are also “Tech Tips” and “My Story” profiles of real-life event professionals who have successfully implemented the techniques of the book.


S.A.L.E.S. 4 Event Pros contains a wealth of actionable ideas that DJs and other event professionals can implement to increase closing rates and increase profitability.  The author’s recommended value-based client solutions promote premium pricing.  Nowhere in the text does the author recommend slashing prices to gain bookings.

Topics covered in the book include:

  • The importance of researching prospects to gain information that can give you a leg up in the sales process. Many of us upon receiving a lead rush to send a response.  Instead, Mitch advises us to learn as much as possible about the prospect before going into full-blown sales mode;
  • How understanding personalities (including your own) will help your business. The book shares a link to a free personality test that you can take prepared by Mitch’s colleague Vickie Musni who is the author of the book Personalities for Business;
  • The two questions that you should ask at the beginning of every sales consultation;
  • How video testimonials can help to take your business to the next level;
  • The importance and power of truly listening. As per the author, “I have witnessed way too many professionals not picking up on the verbal cues a client gives them because they are too busy talking, interrupting, or thinking about what they want to say next”;
  • How to ask better questions that draw out emotion from prospects and result in more sales;
  • How to “close” a prospect at a sales consultation. Mitch believes that if you believe in your heart of hearts that you are the best entertainer with the best solutions for their event, then you owe it to them to push for the sale;
  • The huge opportunity that most DJs miss after the performance in keeping in contact with past clients and continuing to be a source of value. Many DJs also miss a huge opportunity when not communicating with clients between the time of booking and the time of performance.  Mitch recommends taking care of each client by “truly caring for them.”


Most DJs, myself included, cannot afford to hire dedicated sales people.  Thus, selling well is a necessity.  Even those of us who are currently succeeding as salespeople stand much to gain by applying the principles and techniques of the book.  Some of the techniques may at first seem counterintuitive.  Others will take practice to master.

Mitch Taylor’s book S.A.L.E.S. 4 Event Pros is a definitive resource to help DJs book more events and at higher average pricing.   If you are an event professional who is required to sell, then I strongly recommend this book to you, regardless of how many years you have been in sales, or of how good you think you are.

For those who shift their mindset to Sum Tertius (“I am third”), a wealth of possibilities exist.  Let the learning begin as you share in Mitch’s mantra (“You never arrive”) that stresses the importance of continuing education and self-improvement.

S.A.L.E.S. 4 Event Pros is available on as either a printed book ($24.99) or e-book ($9.99).  I own both but personally recommend the hard copy since the book is a resource that you’ll want to have nearby to reference from time to time.

To purchase S.A.L.E.S. 4 Event Pros on Amazon, click here.

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