Your Social Media Questions, Answered: #1

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By Tony Schwartz, “The Social Media DJ”

Here’s the first edition of Your Social Media Questions, Answered. Our first question comes from Jacob, who sent me this email:

Hey Tony:

So Facebook took away the popular “Like/Invite” hack. Any tips on how to increase my following and exposure?


Houston, TX

Great question! First, for those that aren’t aware of the “Like/Invite” hack, you really missed out. Before this change, you could send a “Like” invite to any user that liked a photo, video, status update, .etc on your fan page. This was a great way to increase the number of “Likes” for your page; I was able to invite my client’s engaged friends, which led to several bookings. Talk about a great ROI.

But alas, all good things come to an end. I can’t be mad at Facebook; there is a distinct value in social media marketing and they want to monetize as much as that as possible. And promoting your page for Likes still can be beneficial; it’s just more expensive now. So now, what’s next? The answer is simple: Live Video.

Video right now is cheap. I’ve promoted video posts for as little as a penny per view. And Live Video is all the rage, and you can get a ton of exposure for free. I’ve had colleagues share that their Live Video had upwards of six-figure views; I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty damn good for a mobile DJ.

So, look in utilizing Live Video in your performance, and behind-the-scenes. Experiment with it, develop a style, and the result will come. Until Facebook takes it away and makes you pay for that.

Trent asks:


Nice website! I noticed you have a Pinterest icon on there. Does it work? Is it worth my time? What should I post? Thanks for considering my question!


San Diego, CA

Thanks for writing in Trent. A couple just booked with me last week for their 2017 wedding date; and the bride had found me through Pinterest, of all places. She had picked a beautiful venue here in Seattle – Sodo Park – and was searching her venue on Pinterest. Well, guess who just happened to pop up? I did, as I had pinned photos from my Sodo Park weddings on my Pinterest business account. She followed the link to my reception recap on my site for Chris & Rachel’s wedding, felt a connection after reading, and a week later, she was booked.

So, yes, Pinterest has some value for us wedding DJs. You just need to take the time to do it right: post AWESOME photos, write good descriptions, tag locations, and then let the search engine do it’s magic.

Oh, and Trent, Stay Classy. (Sorry, I had to do it.)

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