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The Winter 2017 NAMM Show: Overview & Photos


Photo credit: Jake Klein By Jake Klein – Guest Writer The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) did it again with this year’s 2017 Winter NAMM show, which took place January 19 – 22, in Anaheim, CA. Recognized as one of the largest musical trade shows and most important music industry conventions, the NAMM show…

Setting and Achieving Goals for Your DJ Business


By Stu Chisholm – The Complete Disc Jockey A lot of people confuse goals with wishes. We can wish for whatever we want, but those wishes will forever remain dreams unless we work to achieve them. Not only that, but the journey to a goal is a lot like a journey to anywhere else: you…

Making the Right Decisions: Passionate vs. Practical


By Julie Oshins – Play It Forward I recently had to make a pretty big choice. It involves being out of the country for an entire month! And I thought, what is your process when making choices? Particularly when one of the choices is something that might be considered the practical or “responsible” choice, or…

Sound System Setup Tips: Speakers, Subwoofers, and More


By Chase Jewell – Sound & Lighting Tutor In this article, I discuss the proper setup of your PA system, as well as recommendations of what types of equipment you should use or look into purchasing. A lot goes into designing your PA system, and making sure everything runs and sounds perfect can be a…

DJ Ethics: What Are the Copyright Laws of Purchased Music?


by Stu Chisholm – The Complete Disc Jockey Last November, I discussed some of the ethical challenges that we encounter as DJs. Today I want to address another aspect of ethics that is legally blurry around the edges and–as evidenced in many DJ forums–completely misunderstood by all sides: the ethics of copyright. “Some will rob…

New Year, New Editors!

By Debra Maurer – Web Editor Happy 2017 from PMDJ! Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Debra Maurer and I am the new Web Editor for I’m honored to take on this role and work with our dedicated and growing team of contributing writers. In addition, our long-time contributing writer and savvy DJ business expert…

Create a Secret Facebook Group for Your DJ Company

Secret Facebook Group

By Gregg Hollmann, “Party Professional” As the owner of a multi-system DJ company, it’s important to stay in close communication with my staff of twenty performers. In the past I’ve found that sending group emails was not particularly effective. Because people’s email inboxes were clogged (I receive about 200 of them every day), few of…

What Make 100 Healthy Is All About

Make 100 Healthy

By John Murphy, “Make 100 Healthy” The economic impact of improving our country’s health even by 1% represents billions of dollars of savings on our health care systems. We have an obligation to educate ourselves on what it takes to live a full and balanced life through an easy, fun and interactive philosophy that is…

A Contribution We DJs Make to Others

Contribution display

By Julie Oshins, “Play It Forward” “We Make a Living by What We Get . . . We Make a Life by What We Give.” – Winston Churchill I am in a year-long weekend course about contribution for which I had to bring in a “contribution display” (Pictured above). This naturally got me thinking about…

Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll

John Murphy

By John Murphy, “Make 100 Healthy” In last month’s column, I spoke about my inspiration to create Make 100 Healthy, which was the loss of so many dear, personal friends. But it’s not just people we know dying prematurely. It’s also our idols and famous people that seem larger than life that are dying so…