Thanks for your interest in The Mobile DJ MBA affiliate program.

Here’s how you can sign up, recommend the book and make a few extra dollars while doing so . I’m offering a generous 20% commission on any and every sale through your affiliate link!

How to Become an Affiliate

1. Sign up at E-Junkie as an affiliate.

2. After you’ve signed up, join the ProMobileDJ affiliate program by clicking this link then go to the “affiliates admin” and look for the “Get Affiliate Code” link. Select the “ProMobileDJ” affiliate program and then “The Mobile DJ MBA” option.

You’ll be given two options for affiliate links:

1. One that links to the Mobile DJ MBA sales page on

2. One that links directly to a direct shopping cart where people can purchase The Mobile DJ MBA.  If you choose this option you’ll need to pre-sell the book as there is no information about it on the page.

Promotional Copy

Please use the information about The Mobile DJ MBA on the book sales page to help you write any promotional copy.  Keep your copy personal, relevant, non spammy and non hyped.

How To Be Successful As An Affiliate

1. Get a Copy of the Book – This isn’t meant as a sales pitch but rather a helpful piece of advice.  Naturally you’ll have more success promoting The Mobile DJ MBA if you’re familiar with the book and therefore can be genuine in your recommendation.

2. Include a Bonus for Anyone Who Buys It – Some good bonus ideas include material you’ve released, a discount on your services, etc.

3. Give a Recommendation or Personal Endorsement – People want to know about the value and benefits of what they are buying.  Your recommendation is a third-party endorsement, which adds credibility to promotional copy.

4. Promote it on Twitter and Facebook – Regularly tweet and post about different topics in the book to reach all of the DJs in your network.

5. Use Multiple Promotion Methods – Also consider posting a review and recommendation on your website and/or blog, and sending out mass emails to other DJs you know.

Promotional Images

Below are some images and banners you can use to promote the book on your website, blog, Facebook page or in an email.  Right-click on an image and click “Save As” to download it onto your computer.