Use Twitter with a Goal in Mind

By Stacy Zemon

Using Twitter without a goal is like tweeting in the wind…nobody hears ya. Twitter can help achieve your business goals, but jumping into the fray and the noise without a plan and purpose is a waste of your time. Pick one goal now. Achieve it. Then add more.

Branding: Claim ownership of your brand name. Identify and engage brand advocates.

Customer Service: Respond to questions or complaints in real time.

Public Relations: Friend journalists or bloggers in your area or the DJ industry. Share resources and articles.

Sales: Offer specials and coupons. Promote new products or services.

Marketing: Become a resource: Share tips, links or other helpful content. Gather testimonials.

Research: Monitor what your clients and competitors are doing. Poll others about new ideas, products or services. Search for the buzz on keywords relevant to your mobile entertainment business.

Network: Follow industry peers. Make connections who can help troubleshoot problems or answer your questions.

The Top 5 Ways to Use Twitter

1. Publicize new content

2. Market

3. Monitor your brand

4. Gather client feedback

5. Customer service

Happy tweeting!


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