11 Ideas for Interesting Social Media Content

Social Media Content

By Tony Schwartz, “The Social Media DJ”

The number one question DJs ask about posting on social media is: “What should I post about?” And my answer is always the same:

Something interesting… DUH!”

Because to be bluntly honest, most setup pics aren’t interesting. That photo of guests doing the Cupid Shuffle or other line dance? Nope; overdone and cliche. Those four advertising posts you made last week? Turn off; if you were interesting, customers would already be on your website.

So, here’s my gift to you: ideas for interesting social media content. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but hopefully, it inspires some creativity and some interesting content that I will want to share with my followers! (You’ll see what I mean in a minute!)

  1. Professional Event Photos. Please note the use of “professional.” Blurry, dark photos don’t do a DJ justice; they scream amateur. Make friends with the photographers you work with, post their images, and make sure you give them a tag in the caption!

  1. Mixes. You are a DJ after all. Live, studio-based, radio show, whatever, post it!

  1. Links to Relevant Music News Articles. And give your thought-provoking opinion on it; you are trying to create a community amongst your fans.

  1. RelevantInfographics. People love infographics. Especially on Pinterest.

  1. Past Blog Posts. As you gain new followers, you can share recurrent content with them, as its highly unlikely they went through your archives to see it. Or maybe one of your couples is celebrating an anniversary today – celebrate it with them with a fond memory and a link to their reception recap post.

  1. Behind-The-Scenes. Working on a custom playlist for an upcoming wedding? Just have a killer planning meeting? Take a selfie and share what goes on during the week with your followers.

  1. Viral Posts From Your Colleagues. It’s not only good karma but if others are talking about it, you can bet your followers will talk about it.

  1. Mini-Blog Posts. Consider Facebook like a mini-blog. Share a touching story from the weekend that was.

  1. Venue/Vendor Spotlights. Did you work with someone lately that did an exceptional job? Or maybe you just had a great wedding at a new venue? Write up a recap and share a photo of the vendor/venue (preferably with you in the photo!). Make sure you tag them, so they see the post!

  1. Topical, Pop Culture Posts. Is something relevant to DJing going on in the world that is starting to become a trending topic? Jump on that train! Example: Coldplay was announced as the performer for halftime at Super Bowl 50. Did you give your thoughts on it and ask your followers for theirs?

  1. Playlists. Everyone likes playlists, and there are an infinite number of playlists you can create. They don’t have to be perfect; they just need to work. Let your followers debate your selections amongst themselves – it’s all about post engagement!

DJs: Did you like this article? Hate it? I’m on Twitter at @DJTonySchwartz – tweet me your thoughts!

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