Create Branding That Conveys Your Uniqueness

by Jason Jani

Beats thumping, Lights panning, People smiling, Feet moving, Hands clapping and Unique visions being brought to life. All of these are part of the everyday hustle and bustle for those of us in the mobile entertainment industry.

Let’s face it; we DJs have it pretty good.  Our job can take us down many different avenues, connect us to all kinds of people, and allow us the awesome opportunity to have fun while enabling people to celebrate their special occasions.

Who Are You?

Full time, Part Time, Weekend Warrior, Hobbyist, Bedroom Superstar, 40-Year Veteran, Just Getting Started,  Single-Op, Multi-System Op, Corporate Specialist, Event Director, Wedding MC, Mitzvah Party Rocker, DJ Mixmaster. Take a minute and think of how you fit into this awesome industry?

Actually a better question would be, does your marketing or brand capture your specialty and convey the message of you service offerings clearly to a potential client?

Everyone has their own unique style and brand. This is displayed every time you perform, update your social media sites, or conduct business for that matter.  Brands can be related to companies, stand on their own with individual performers or be a combination of both.

If you are not thinking about branding and the importance of it to your business, you need to be. In today’s tech savvy world, branding is crucial and it can tied directly to your talent and services.  Branding differentiates people and companies from one other by using various identification factors. The internet has enabled each and every one of us the ability to extend our brand easier and faster than anytime in history.

5 Ways to Establish and Maintain Your Brand

  1. Think it through…Take the time to develop a business plan and incorporate your brand into it.  If you are looking to be a mitzvah company, your branding should symbolize fun, and contain contemporary and bold elements. If you are working with an established entity, step back every so often to ensure your brand is in line with your work efforts and service offerings. Make adjustments accordingly if you feel your brand is out of line with your current client base or events.
  2. Keep it simple…I am a big fan of keeping imaging and logo designs simple.  Cluttered logos seem to lose me, and appear homemade.  Keep your logo, easy-to-read or symbolic to whatever icon best represents your firm. If you need assistance developing a brand, look to the folks that do it best, like the crew at
  3. Be consistent…Keep your logo, verbiage and imaging consistent throughout your marketing materials, business cards and website.  Doing this will produce the image you want to portray and contribute to creating top-of-mind awareness with your future customers.
  4. Keep it real…One of the most important components of branding is keeping it real.  If you create a brand, be true to your service offerings and be sure to back-up the look with reality.
  5. Promote your brand, everywhere…Whether you are establishing your brand or working with one that has been around for years, take the time to promote it with a blog, Facebook page, You Tube channel, Twitter name, and so on. Social media and the internet can extend your brand awareness internationally with the click of a mouse.

How have you effectively incorporated branding into your business?

Jason Jani – “The Brand of You”

Jason Jani is a multi-faceted artist, innovator, producer, remixer, entrepreneur and professional DJ. His company, Sound Connection Entertainment, provides customized planning and entertainment production services including enhanced lighting, video services, decor, photo booth rentals as well as live musicians and performers. Jason has presented seminars to his peers at DJ trade shows and association meetings. He was a featured “Mobile DJ of the Month” in DJ Times magazine, and works with Promo Only to help mold what is played on the radio and in nightclubs. Jason has been invited to DJ for celebrity clients such as Janet Jackson, LL Cool J, Akon, TI, and others. To contact Jason, email or visit

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