Four Changes In Social Media Marketing You Need To Know


By Tony Schwartz, “The Social Media DJ”

Social media is constantly changing, and as the most popular marketing medium out there, you need to stay on top of these changes. Yes, it can be overwhelming, but who said running a mobile DJ business was easy.

And fortunately, you have me 😉

Here’s four things you need to be aware of, DJs. Let’s go:


Hopefully, you caught this, as many business owners made a pretty big stink about Instagram’s display algorithm changing to more align like Facebook’s algorithm. Now, unless someone has subscribed to notifications when you post, Instagram is going to display what it’s algorithm believes you want to see, and not necessarily the most recent posts.

Essentially: if your Instagram posts don’t offer value to the viewer, they won’t be seen.

In other words: Instagram now operates like your Facebook fan page.


I wrote a tutorial on how to create a Snapchat geofilter on my blog for brides and grooms, but that doesn’t mean it is exclusive to that audience. You definitely should read it – not only because Snapchat is all the rage, but the opportunity for exposure is really, really cheap right now.

Think of it this way, DJs: you create a filter for your clients and pay a reasonable fee (I’ve found anywhere from $20-30 for my events) to have the geofilter be available on Snapchat during the wedding reception. Do a nice design, and included a “Powered By: {Insert Logo Here}” reference. Now, once people use your logo – and they will! – not only will your branding be seen by guests, but also anyone who is following them.

Talk about scaling your brand up – and it’s super cheap right now. This too, will change, but for now: MILK IT.


Now, while most were bitching about Instagram changing – which I, as an entrepreneur, don’t mind by the way – many missed a nice change Instagram implemented: the fifteen second limit on video posts has been extended to sixty seconds.

Honestly, I’m really excited about this as it’s one more avenue I can provide a 55 second teaser video from one of my giglogs, and then leave a 5 second “View the rest at…” right hook.

I also just thought of this: 60 seconds should be more than enough time to do a Top Ten {Insert Formality or Genre Here” List video post on Instagram. Combine that with relevant hashtags, and you might have a very powerful content tool.

You’re welcome. And when you speak of me, speak well. 😉


As I’ve started to move the bulk of my marketing and branding efforts to video content, I have begun to play around with video content posts in my Facebook Ads account. Recently, I tried the campaign objective of “Get Video Views” and have found that it’s costing me no more than TWO CENTS a video view.

Combine that with a landing page link in the post’s description which can be clicked at no additional charge, and you can see that this is a hell of a deal right now.

Two cents a view is really cheap. And my landing page stats show that my price per website click for this method is cheaper than what it was through a traditional Facebook post. As more of the event industry transitions to video in the coming month, I’m sure this will change. But for now, this is the sandbox I’m playing in.

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