General Liability Insurance for DJs and Special Operations

By Colin McDonald – Insurance Professional

The National Association of Mobile Entertainers (N.A.M.E.) has negotiated an excellent general liability insurance program with Philadelphia Insurance Companies, a national leader involved in the insuring of entertainers, including DJs, and special events. This policy is handled through Brown & Brown Insurance of Pennsylvania.

The basic policy is liability protection with the availability of adding mobile equipment. But what is liability? What is actually covered?

General Liability Coverage

The main purpose of a general liability is to protect the insured (the N.A.M.E. member) for sums of money that the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as damages as a result of “bodily injury” or “property damage.”

In addition, and sometimes even more importantly, the insurance carrier has a “duty to defend” the insured. Oftentimes, the defense costs in handling a general liability claim are greater than the actual payout for damages.

The bodily injury exposure is relatively self-evident. For example, if someone trips and falls over your DJ equipment, cables and wiring, a stage, or stairs, their damages could be medical bills, loss of work or income, and/or pain and suffering.

Property damage can result from a fire or short circuit, water damage or marring of walls, ceilings and floors by paint, coloring, smoke, and the like.

Note that this coverage is “third party”; therefore, it does not cover you or your possessions, but will cover bodily injury and property damage to other people and their possessions.

Coverage for Special Operations

In order to make the N.A.M.E. Insurance Program cost-effective, certain operations cannot be covered by the Philadelphia Insurance policy, but can be covered individually by contacting Joel Goodman at N.A.M.E. 800-434-8274.

A partial list of these operations includes: pyro-technics, snowmobiles, saddle animals, sailboats, hot air balloons, bungee operations, trampolines, and skiing.

Policy Limits and Premiums

The basic limits of the N.A.M.E. program include liability limits of $1 million per occurrence with a $2 million aggregate. For a small additional premium, a $2 million occurrence and a $2 million aggregate policy is available. N.A.M.E. members also have a $3 million umbrella available to them.

For more info on this policy and its umbrella, please contact Colin McDonald at Brown & Brown 844-334-7877 or Joel at N.A.M.E. 800-434-8274.

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