How to Prevent Theft or Damage to Your DJ Equipment

By Colin McDonald – Insurance Specialist

DJs and entertainers often own significant equipment of great value, which increases the potential for theft. If your equipment is destroyed or stolen, it has to be repaired or replaced.  On top of that, you will be unable to work until the equipment and other materials are replaced.

Here are some important measures you can take to prevent theft of your DJ equipment or minimize the potential for an insurance claim:

1. Buy laptop locks for your DJ and computer gear. Theft is driven by easy access and a lucrative resale market. Remember that even basic security will prevent the “smash and grab” thief who is looking for something quick and easy.

2. Keep records of your equipment. Record the make, model, serial number, and production dates. Photograph the receipts of your purchases as well showing date and amount. A picture taken with your phone can be a lifesaver when reporting theft to the authorities or adjusting an insurance claim.

3. Secure your equipment overnight. Storing equipment overnight in a truck or van is not ideal.  If you must, notify the hotel or venue. Park in a well-lit area. Lock the vehicle. Don’t let the equipment be seen through the windows. You may want to utilize a car theft protection system such as LoJack.

4. Back up all of your data. Music, data, playlists, and libraries should be backed up daily or as often as possible. You can do this yourself physically or with a cloud solution automatically.

What to do if your DJ gear is stolen

If your DJ equipment is stolen, use those photos and lists you compiled of your gear.  Report the theft to the authorities and your insurance agent immediately. See if you can find witness, video surveillance or the like. The odds of the police finding your equipment might be slight, but the police report will be helpful for making the insurance claim.

The National Association of Mobile Entertainers (N.A.M.E.) has partnered with Philadelphia Insurance to offer comprehensive and modestly priced inland marine (movable/transportable) equipment insurance, handled through Brown & Brown Insurance of Pennsylvania.

The price for the inland marine equipment insurance is $1 per $100 of scheduled equipment. The minimum premium is $150 for the first $15,000 of values. There is also a $250 deductible that applies per loss. The coverage is for business-related equipment and applies while on and off your premises. Theft claims are covered as long as there are signs of forced entry.

This insurance option is available for N.A.M.E. members through Brown & Brown Insurance. For more information, contact Joel at N.A.M.E at 1-800-434-8274.



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