"Magic" Automatic Music Organizer

By Bob Lindquist:

High on my “to-do” list is an entry that says, “Go through iTunes and clean out all the unnamed tracks.” $29.95 later, and it’s just about done!

Being a devoted music fan, my hard drive is a virtual mess of tracks scoured from a huge variety of sources. Among the hundreds of properly named, properly categorized tracks are dozens more added with the convenience of Gracenotr – so they ended up with generic titles such as “Track 17.” It really makes it hard to search for anything.

Typically, the only way to clean up such a disaster is to actually listen to each track and then enter the title and artist info manually. But then I got turned on to TuneUp. For just $29.95 (one-time payment or $19.95 for an annual – per computer), you can subscribe to a service that will go through your library and fill in all the blanks – including adding album art and finding the titles for all those generically named tracks. And, it does it by actually comparing (“listening”) a sample of your song with songs in a massive data base out in cyberspace.

How well does it work? Convinced that I could fool it, I paid my $29.95 and then loaded up a couple of blank media CDs. There is little or no metadata on these discs for sure, yet TuneUp found and properly named 29 out of 30 tracks – not bad at all. If your library is as big a mess as mine was, you’re sure to find this a time saver. Plus, in addition to looking up tracks, the service also provides links to music videos and concert information on every artist in your dBase.

Bob is the Publisher of the L2P Network. Live2Play, Play2Live.


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