NonProfit Entertainment is seeking performers

NonProfit Entertainment is a lisiting service for non profit organizations to find entertainers who are willing to perform at social events for what they can afford to pay. We are now ready to sign up DJs to be included in gig searches.
Here’s how it works: Entertainers sign up and list their talent. Non profits become a member of the site, list their upcoming event, then search for entertainers in their area. Search results include the name and location of the entertainers, contact information and links to their websites for perusal. Once a nonprofit organization decides to hire an entertainer, they contact the entertainer(s) directly and negotiate a contract for the event. According to webmaster Jeff Kozuch, “There is no fee paid to NonProfit Entertainment by either party. We are merely trying to help provide a valuable service to both the entertainers and the nonprofit organizations.”
So if you find yourself sitting at home more often than rocking an event, come sign up at for your chance to be hired by nonprofit organizations looking for a DJ.
Jeff Kozuch
NonProfit Entertainment – “We play for what you can pay.”