Selling Hypnotically for DJs: An Interview with Incredible Hypnotist Richard Barker

Richard Barker

Can a DJ use hypnosis on prospects while engaged in the booking process? Whether you’re skeptical of hypnotism or not, the answer is “Yes!”

According to world-renowned hypnotist Richard Barker, “Hypnotism is not a magic potion. When I hypnotize someone they expect a zap or some kind of electromagnetic force but there isn’t one. Rather it’s all about the power of persuasion and suggestion. This is what is very effective when selling DJ services.”

There is nobody in the world today using the Power of Suggestion through hypnotic selling quite the way Barker has mastered it. He’s been featured on NBC’s “Today Show,” CBS’s “The Late Late Show with James Corden” and countless other TV programs demonstrating his hypnosis abilities to rid people of their bad habits and phobias.

Barker gave me the following explanation of hypnosis during our interview:

“I like to explain hypnosis as a heightened sense of suggestibility. In other words in the normal waking state we have a normal level of suggestibility but when hypnotized we are much more suggestible to the words of the hypnotist or even our own thought processes. Hypnosis is everywhere all the time and each one of us falls into a trance naturally and without any effort. It is based largely on imagination and visualization Every human action must have a thought attached to it first, everything starts with a thought. The thought then may or may not translate into an action; thought or feeling or even a physical chemical reaction. What if I could change or reprogram that thought process which would, in turn, enable a different response or outcome? I believe we do not walk around in life seeing the world, we actually think it. We have millions of thoughts all day and through a hypnotic process, I can make the outcome of the thought and even the thought itself change in a certain direction. There is no such thing as random thoughts, everything is triggered from the subconscious mind- the part we use during hypnosis.

Richard Barker has written a fascinating ebook titled “Selling Hypnotically” and he has written unique content specifically for DJs. According to Barker, “DJs should be mobilizing the power of suggestion in everything they do. A DJ must help clients visualize their services.

Entertainment is a process of thoughts and feelings; reactions and stimulation that a skilled DJ through selling hypnotically can help the imagination feel and see during the sales process. A bride, for example, is more likely to hire you if she can visualize a full dance floor with her music requests met and happy faces everywhere. You can skillfully embed suggestions and commands during the selling phase, whether on the phone or in person.

Undoubtedly Barker’s book will give you a distinct advantage over your competitors, which makes it a must-have tool for your arsenal. You have little to lose and everything to gain. Pick it up today by clicking on this link:

Richard Barker BIO

Richard Barker (The Incredible Hypnotist) is a world renowned professional hypnotist. He has spent the last 20 years working with thousands of clients across the world. His charm with experience gives him the ability to dazzle and entertain any size of audience as well as improve the lives of many through hypnosis and private consultation.

Richard Barker works with individuals and teams helping their performance whether athletically or in a Business setting. Richard’s amazing stage show is also a massive hit and has been produced in 38 Countries. He is as headline performer for Celebrity and Carnival Cruise Lines as well as large corporations. Hypnotist Richard Barker has been seen recently on CBS; NBC; FOX and ABC Networks and he is constantly a spokesperson for hypnosis.




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