Shure Super 55 Microphone

Review by Stacy Zemon

Sometimes a classic just gets better. After more than 70 years in production, Shure’s Unidyne 55 Series has to be the longest-running product in audio history.

Debuting in 1939, the first Unidyne model 55 was an immediate hit and a standard for decades to come.

Shure rechristened the mic as the 55SH Series II in 1996. It was also a hit, showing up on stages, music videos, movies, and TV shows.

Enter, stage right, the latest generation…

The Super 55 Deluxe

This mic keeps the cool chrome-plated, die-cast zinc body, but with such updates as a new capsule based on the successful Beta 58A, marking a substantial upward leap in performance.

The Super 55’s -53dBV/Pa sensitivity results in an output that’s approximately 5 dB hotter than that of the 55SH II, providing increased gain-before-feedback. As another plus, the frequency response extends out to 17 kHz, allowing for some extra air and articulation.

At the other end, the Super 55’s bass response is smoother and seems more controlled, while retaining the 6 to 7kHz presence boost that lets vocals cut through the mix.

Another appreciated change is omitting the on/off switch, which could inadvertently get switched off.

Okay, this mic isn’t wireless BUT it is very cool looking and a real attention-grabber, especially for high-end events.  I want a blue and chrome one!

The street price for the Shure Super 55-BCR Special Elvis Edition mic in red and black is about $300.  For the blue and chrome Super 55 Deluxe, it’s about $250.

For more information visit the Shure website.

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