The 6 Pillars of Wedding Marketing DVD

Review by Guest Blogger, Kirk Rothrum

It’s safe to say that most wedding entertainment professionals didn’t enter their field for the love of marketing. It’s a complex headache to many, and often put on a back burner to the detriment of what might otherwise be successful business models.

Enter Peter Merry’s The 6 Pillars of Wedding Marketing, a DVD with Bonus CD-Rom. It’s described as a “groundbreaking seminar that assists in creating marketing materials that are not only more effective, but will also help you to attract the right kind of wedding clients.”

You Can’t Judge a “Book” by its Cover

While the packaging and appearance of an educational product may be of least importance, I expected something more visually appealing. Also, the start-up menu had a misspelled word, which was a bit disconcerting.

Upon starting the DVD, I realized it was mostly the audio from a live seminar, with static graphics & stock photos for reference, in a PowerPoint presentation format. The website describes it as such, but somehow I missed that information prior to my purchase. Most of the DVD is not actual video, which was disappointing.

Chock Full of “Meat and Potatoes”

After a brief introduction, Peter’s seminar began. My concerns quickly began to melt away, as he immediately delved into important concepts. While I can’t go into great detail about these concepts, I can say that they are priceless, and can be immediately applied to all aspects of your company’s marketing.

The 6 Pillars of Wedding Marketing DVD teaches to look at things from the vantage point of your client. As with any learning tool, every viewer is at a different level. For me, some of the concepts covered in the DVD were things I had already considered and implemented.

That said, Peter’s DVD is loaded with gems, some of which were not only epiphanies for me, but were so easy to implement that I was excited to apply them right away!

To me, one of the beautiful things about learning new marketing strategies is the renewed passion for reaching clients and targeting their needs in a whole new way. It’s not promised anywhere in Peter’s DVD marketing, but it delivers in spades.

As I listened to the DVD on my laptop (2+ hours), I typed some great notes and a plethora of bulleted points for reference along the way.

Everyone Loves a Bonus, Right?

When I opened the Bonus CD-Rom, I saw a dozen PDF files, and a few audio and video files. Upon further inspection, I realized that most of my note taking was unnecessary.

The files included are in-depth articles that focus in on some of the most important concepts covered in the DVD (and more), in an easy-to-digest format. Great bonus! The CD-Rom also includes a boilerplate feedback survey for clients, and audio versions of the seminar, perfect for the car or your iPod.

My Final Thoughts

In my opinion, even if you only applied one of Peter’s concepts to your business, that would well be worth the retail price of $149, and the DVD would more than pay for itself. However, The 6 Pillars of Wedding Marketing DVD is currently being sold for only $59!

One of the concepts that I have applied has had an immeasurable, lasting, positive impact on my business. I can’t imagine a bigger return on such a small investment for any serious wedding DJ business owner.

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