The Benefits of Offering Communication Options to Your Clients

By Shayn Satten, “Teen Entertainment Specialist”

In recent years, the mediums we use for connecting with clients have changed. Where once there were just phone calls and emails, now we have Facebook messaging and texting as added options.

If you are working with the Teen Market, these are important places for your company to create a prominent presence that will give you a competitive advantage over the competition, and set you apart from the other DJs who choose to not be tech savvy.


When I speak with my clients, I make it very clear that in addition to calling or emailing my company, they also have the options to text our company phone line or contact us through our Facebook fan page.

Offering these options allows us to make communication from and to our clients easy, and adds to the modern and youthful image of our branding.

Many of us have dealt with parents who are extremely busy and also trying to keep a handle on planning a Mitzvah event. How about the Sweet 16 girl who waits until the last minute to tell you what songs she wants for her candle ceremony and father daughter dance giving you little to no time to prepare?

Well, having text message communication removes the need for waiting for a specific time of day, or waiting on an email. It’s the 21st century and we are immersed in the dig digital age, so we need to reach prospects and clients where it is most convenient for them.

I go back and forth with clients all day long answering questions, or sometimes even just chatting a bit and asking how things are going with their event planning. If you aren’t already offering text messaging communication for your clients, I recommend it because it truly allows you to forge new and deeper connections with clients that may otherwise be inactive throughout their party planning process.


Facebook has created a great way for communicating through a company Fan Page. If you have it set up, clients can easily click the “Send Message” button to reach you.

I had one parent who didn’t have access to her email from her phone, but she was able to communicate with the Mobile version of Facebook. Together, we planned the entire party through ongoing Facebook communication. Being so easily accessible to this client eventually led to a Sweet 16 party for over $2,000.

If my company wasn’t able to contact her through Facebook, however, she would have never asked as many questions about upgrades and add-on packages that she had the option of choosing, or made decisions on what she wanted and needed for her daughters Sweet 16.

Set Yourself Apart

If you take my suggestions, then you will set yourself apart from a lot of your competitors because you are becoming more than just a signature at the end of an email, and more than a voice on the other end of a phone call.

You have become a part of their daily routine, and have built a friendship with your client that won’t be forgotten the next time someone asks them if they know of any good DJs.

The first thing they will think of is how easy it was to communicate with the DJ from their event, and how much they want to share that experience with their friends.

Please feel free to Text my company or Message us on Facebook with any questions you may have about how we are taking advantage of the modern technologies!


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