The "Tape Train" Game


by Adam Hirschhorn

From Mitzvahs to Communions, every child has to be entertained with music and some great games to keep them occupied.

At one of the NJDJN meetings I was proud to present one of my favorite games to all of the members in attendance. It’s called “Pinocchio” or “Tape Train,” and it was a huge hit!

This is usually one of the first games I play during lunch or dinner while the adults are eating at my Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. I had to share it with you because it’s such a blast…


With a small roll of masking tape sitting on the end of their noses, individuals attempt to ‘steal’ other people’s tape by gently pushing against the latter’s nose.

What You Need

Roll of masking tape

How to Play

  1. Prepare or have one of your entertainers tear pieces of masking tape for each person in your large group. Cut each piece to approx 10cm in length.
  2. Ask each person in your group to grab a piece and then roll it into a circle where the two ends meet, whereby the sticky side is facing out.
  3. Invite each person to place this sticky apparatus onto the very end of their nose. For longer staying power and strength, people may clamp down the tape (using the inside of the sticky tube) onto their nose.
  4. On “GO,” invite each person to engage with another, face off, and move gently towards the other in an attempt to have their sticky beak touch their partner’s sticky beak, then quickly pull back. In 9 out of 10 cases, one person will lose the tape from their nose, because it now sticks precariously to the end of their partner’s taped nose. The person who looses the tape from their nose goes behind the person with the beak. He or she now goes on to challenge others in the whole group.
  5. The game continues with those who still posses a sticky beak attempting to eliminate all other competitors, until at last, one person remains – THE WINNER!

Keep your camera handy, because the elongated masking-taped nose of the winner is worth a shot!

PS: It’s OK for people to occasionally tamp down on their original masking tape circle, to help it to remain stuck to one’s nose. But… mashing all of the accumulated tapes into one big sticky mess is not kosher!

Adam Hirschhorn – Mr. Mitzvah

Adam J. Hirschhorn (A.K.A. Adam J.) is an MC, DJ, business owner and entertainment innovator.

He started AJH Entertainment at the young age of thirteen and over a decade later, Adam has grown it into a thriving operation with two locations; one in NJ and the other in PA as Flare Event Group (a preferred vendor in the legendary Bobby Morganstein’s “Beat Street” party facilities). Both of Adam’s companies provide general DJ services but specialize in Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

A graduate of Rowan University with a degree in education, Adam uses his knowledge for the benefit of his DJs and MCs during their monthly training sessions.

In addition to his event work, Adam DJ’s at nightclubs during the week, and holds residencies at Trump Plaza Beach Bar in Atlantic City and Bar Anticipation during the summer months.

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