Top 20 Things a DJ Should Have

Hello all, this is Greggie C here, an Advisory board member for NAME, and The Owner/head teacher of the DJ Entertainment School. I want to share with you in the future some tips, tricks, and advise dealing with the mobile DJ industry and being an Entertainer. Hopefully these articles will help you and your business thrive. Today I want to start off with The Top 20 things every DJ should have on standby.

  1. Phone with working GPS and/or printed directions
  2. Extra suit with extra shirts socks etc.
  3. Backup Headphones
  4. Duct Tape
  5. Flashlight
  6. Hand Truck
  7. Business card holder
  8. 3 to 2 AC Plug adapter
  9. Soldering Kit
  10. Electrical tape
  11. Subscription to a music service
  12. Small tool kit
  13. Small tarp
  14. Rain suit
  15. Emergency kit – Extra wires, plugs, cords, and needed fuses
  16. First aid Kit with band-aids, aspirin, antiseptic, and halls throat drops.
  17. Roadside assistance subscription or AAA
  18. Flash drive with ALL Clients requests & standard songs to get thru party or Put it on your phone.
  19. Car Battery charging pack
  20. A person or company to BACK YOU UP!

In conclusion every professional DJ should carry a backup of everything needed to do a party in case your system goes down. A simple tablet with a free DJ program that is filled with a standard set of music can go a long way when you really need something to save you besides using your phone which you will probably need anyway in an emergency situation.

Greg Curran
Greg has been a mobile disc jockey for over 30 years. He began Djing at 18, and at 22 joined the nations largest wedding services company where he entered management after one year. Later in his career he was made an executive and by the time the company had peaked he was managing over 350 Disc Jockeys, videographers, photographers, and photo booth operators in 24 different branches across the United States and Canada. After 25 years of success with the company, Greg went independent and opened his own entertainment services company, in addition to a DJ Entertainment School he had bought years earlier. The School focuses on teaching adults and Kids how to DJ and entertain. As a solid member of his community he also donates time to several organizations teaching inner city kids and special needs kids how to DJ. Greg is a member of The Senate Djs and The House of Reps DJ community that is for improving yourself professionally in the entertainment industry. He also hosts a Sunday night radio show at 9pm on As a force of nature within the entertainment industry he also represents as a Brand ambassador and sponsored artist with Peavey Electronics, NAME Entertainers, Floyd Rose audio, BPM Supreme, and Spinfluenceit. You can catch him teaching and doing seminars at The DJ Expo and for NYC DJ con. & (267) 625-3227


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