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By Tony Schwartz, “The Social Media DJ”

From the looks of my social media timelines, it seems that several mobile DJs made “a more active social media presence” one of their 2016 resolutions. This is great! It’s awesome to see so many DJs finally realizing the potential impact a successful social media campaign can have on their business. However, with that said, there is something I see daily that needs to be addressed immediately:

In order to be “successful” at social media, you must respect the psychology of each platform. Period.

This means two things. First, don’t go for the hard sell right off the bat. Think of social media advertising in terms of the dating. If you ask a stranger for their hand in marriage before you even say hello, you have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting a yes. They want to be wined and dined; the same needs to be the case for your social media strategy.

Second, anyone that knows me has heard me rant about why I disagree with auto-forwarding posts from one platform to the other. For example, I rarely use Instagram’s “forward to Facebook and Twitter” option. Why? Because it’s not native to each app’s platform. (And two, I hate seeing a billion Instagram hashtags on a Facebook post. Or being redirected out of the Twitter app to view your photo on Instagram.)

Frankly, I prefer to take a few extra seconds and upload a graphic and piece of written copy custom tailored for each platform. And the reason why is simple: a user on Facebook has a different psychology than a user on Twitter, or Instagram, or Pinterest, or Snapchat, etc.

Do you go on Facebook to buy something? Or do you go on Facebook to share stories and see what’s going on in the world around you? More than likely the latter – so post your company’s updates with that same approach. A post that comes across as an advertisement – Prices begin at $895 and up! – will likely be scrolled right on by.

Now on Pinterest, this is not the case. A bride-to-be on Pinterest is full of inspiration, and if she sees something she likes, she is in a mood to buy. It might be hard to sell her your DJ experience, but I don’t see why you couldn’t sell a ~$150 monogram display service to her. Maybe she only rents that from you, maybe you eventually sell her on why she needs your MC & DJ services (she does!).

Can you share a story on Twitter? Not until Twitter allows for posts of more than 140 characters. Do users go on Twitter to buy? Not at all! So what’s the psychology of Twitter? To connect with others. It’s the only platform where I can send a text message to ANYONE on the platform and possibly get a response from them. Even professional athletes and celebrities! But again, if you want them to marry you – i.e. buy from you – you have to follow the rules of engagement first. And it starts with a simple “Hello!” on Twitter.

And Snapchat? The psychology of that platform is quick entertainment. What can you do as a DJ to entertain your followers and establish more with your brand? That’s up for you to figure out.

So, as you continue to develop your social media strategy and presence, make sure you are constantly thinking about the psychology of each platform. You’ll find it helpful in writing, and marketing, your next great piece of content. Good luck!

I invite you to send me your feedback! FACEBOOK/TWITTER/INSTAGRAM/SNAPCHAT/djtonyschwartz

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