10 Quick Tips to Branding Building Brilliance

Brand Awareness

By Stacy Zemon

Assuming you are a mobile DJ business owner who wants to stand out from your competitors, you’ll want to follow these tips for building branding brilliance:

#1) Have a Unique Website Design – Don’t copy another DJ. Create something new looking, and stand out. People want to do business with innovators.

#2) Get a Proper Logo Designed – Cheap (home-made) logos always look bad. Invest in a good one.

#3) Think About Creating a Tagline – You don’t ‘need’ it, but it might help get your message across quickly, especially in a crowded niche.

#4) Create an ‘About Me’ Page – Tell people about who you are, and most importantly how you will help them.

#5) Add Links to your Social Media Channels – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ – take the conversation off your blog.

#6) Publish a Podcast – The ability to literally be inserted into someone’s earbuds is untouched online today. It’s a medium that everyone loves.

#7) Publish Online Video via YouTube – YouTube is just like another search engine. Provide it some good content and people will find you.

#8) Create Unique, Compelling Content – Listen to your audience, they will help you solve problems and answer questions for them.

#9) Have a Unique Free (Opt-In) Offer – Work hard on building something you could charge $100 for, then give it away to build your email list!

#10) Be Yourself – Always. People can read right through the ‘Online BS’. So, be you. People want to do business with a DJ whom they like.

If you need help with any of this feel free to contact me at stacy@stacyzemon.com


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