The 21st Century Bride Marketing Conference

Nationally-renowned experts in the wedding industry will lead an all-day conference on Monday, March 28 aimed at educating wedding professionals about the 21st Century Bride.

The 21st Century Bride event, at The Landmark in East Rutherford, NJ, is co-produced by Local Traffic Builder and Wedding Podcast Network, two leaders in Internet marketing for the wedding industry.

The conference is open to vendors, retailers and manufacturers in the wedding industry. Professionals can also participate via Internet podcast.

At The 21st Century Bride, the novice and established wedding professional will learn how to build a strong personal brand. Participants will discover what traditional methods are still relevant and the best ways to use them. Classic marketing strategies and new Web and social networking ideas will be blended in ways that best attract the 21st Century Bride.

More than 15 experts will dominate the slate of speakers. They include Andy Ebon, entrepreneur and writer of the Wedding Marketing Blog; Chris Jaeger, Internet marketing and wedding business consultant; Alan Berg, vice president of The Knot; and Anne Chertoff, editor in chief of

The power of a domain name, blogging, podcasting, Facebook, YouTube, networking, website design, direct mail and many more topics will be covered.

We want the attendees to learn implementable strategies to help their wedding-related business and feel motivated and inspired to take action at the end of the event,” said Robert Allen, co-founder of the Wedding Podcast Network, a leading wedding talk show on the Internet.

Brian Lawrence, co-founder of Local Traffic Builder and former sales and marketing vice president for Encore Studies, added, We will optimize the experience of each attendee by creating an environment that will foster creativity with targeted relevance.”

The 21st Century Bride will support Wish Upon a Wedding by donating a portion of the proceeds from the conference. This nonprofit organization provides weddings and vow renewals to couples facing terminal illness or other serious life-altering circumstances.

To learn more about the full day learning event and register please visit

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