The Power of Co-Branding

by Jason Jani

Have you ever sat back and thought, “How can I do more to extend my brand?” or even “What can I do to strengthen my business foundation?”

Well, the answer may be in power partnerships also known as co-branding, which is loosely defined as an alliance of two or more companies coming together to create a “Marketing Synergy.”

This is a pretty interesting concept for those who work in the private event business. Working together rather than competing with one another.

Whether it’s building an alliance with another DJ or event professional whose work you admire (e.g., videographer, photographer, florist, etc.), forging a synergistic partnership may provide you with the ability to extend your reach and strengthen your brand.

Some great examples are the relationships between American Express and Continental Airlines regarding frequent flyer miles programs, a celebrity endorsing a product, and Intel processors being advertised by computer companies that use them.

Relating This to Our World

Every time you leave your house for an event, you are presented with potential co-branding opportunities. You just need to think outside the box to see them. In order for you to become big, you need to think BIG.

Creating power partnerships with other event professionals can assist all of those involved in extending their brands to new potential clients. At Sound Connection Entertainment, we have a few brands that we share with friends and colleagues in the private event business.

Meet Greg and Marcello

Here are two examples of co-branding efforts I have created within the SCE fold:

1. Greg Lassik of Endless Wave Studios. We became friends years ago as a result of working together at numerous weddings. He is a modern cinematographer with (in my opinion), a level of style and professionalism matched by very few.

Greg and I have the same approach to our craft — Modern Excellence. Our relationship has evolved to the point of sharing office space together. We both attract a client in search of a certain look, and we try to assist each other’s businesses whenever possible.

For example, if I consult with a couple and they are looking for outstanding video services, (and are willing to pay for them), I introduce them to Greg and EWS. He does the same for me regarding entertainment.

As a result, we probably do about 30-40 high-end weddings together annually, and we challenge each other to be better at every performance.

I encourage you to take a look EWS’s films.  They will blow your mind!

2. Marcello Pedalino of MMP Entertainment. Marcello and I first got to know each other on DJ Chat. We are both DJs from NJ who provide high-end entertainment services.

I have come to respect Marcello tremendously, and our mutual passion for music and event design has led us to become friends and strategic business partners. SCE’s and MMP’s collaborations utilize a joint production approach that is tailored specifically for each event.

He and I have worked together to increase our fan base and generate income – and, we have fun doing it! Example #1. Example #2. Since the inception of our co-branding efforts, we have worked on some pretty large projects together. Opportunities have been afforded to our co-brand that as individual businesses, may not have been accessible.

Some Sound Advice

Choose your power partnerships carefully, and take the time to develop a solid working relationship BEFORE you go public with any co-branding efforts between you.

Let us know if you have a co-branding example to share!

Jason Jani – “The Brand of You”

Jason Jani is a multi-faceted artist, innovator, producer, remixer, entrepreneur and professional DJ. His company, Sound Connection Entertainment, provides customized planning and entertainment production services including enhanced lighting, video services, decor, photo booth rentals as well as live musicians and performers. Jason has presented seminars to his peers at DJ trade shows and association meetings. He was a featured “Mobile DJ of the Month” in DJ Times magazine, and works with Promo Only to help mold what is played on the radio and in nightclubs. Jason has been invited to DJ for celebrity clients such as Janet Jackson, LL Cool J, Akon, TI, and others. To contact Jason, email or visit

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